Wouldn’t Want To Be Like You

I have a whole lot of adoptive parents hoping that their prescious little ones don’t turn out like me.  You know, I don’t think there’s too much chance in that happening.

Attitudes like mine don’t come overnight, it took me darn near 40 years to come up with this one.   It took time, nuturing, and determination.  As easily as things are going to come to these APs kids, I just don’t think they’ll have time.

As we know these kids will sail through life, how could they not?  Their loving adoptive parents have only the best intentions, we know those are always rewarded.  When you are a straight A student, captain of the soccer team, and giving recitals at Carnagie Hall, there just isn’t time to become dis-satisfied with your situation, or wonder what could have been.   Besides those things could dissappoint adoptive parents and nobody wants to dissappoint the greatest parents in the world.

We know these kids can’t stay by their adoptive parents sides forever, but I doubt they’ll have much trouble when they hit that ivy league university, they just won’t have time to use the college years for self-discovery.  Dual degrees in law and medicine,  even if are a genius, take a lot of time.   They will be busy preparing themselves as a fertility expert and adoption lawyer.  That’s a lot on a young person’s plate.

Then, of course they’ll met that special someone, most likely a corporate CEO who donates his whole salary to UNICEF, or possibly a heir to a royal house of Europe.  What with the wedding at St. Patrick’s chathedtral and the reception for 1000 at Tavern On The Green, they be caught in a whirlwind.

Producing an heir also has it’s stresses.  There won’t be much time to think when the perfect grandchildren start to arrive.  Besides they will be so proud to present you with these children.  How better for the perfect adoptee to show appeciation for their parents?  Then of course they will start the cycle all over again, the soccer team, the concerts at Carnagie Hall, the dual degrees.  A happy go lucky dynsaty that has never taken a moment for self examination, wonder, or one moment that was not perfectly happy, satisfied, and without fear.

Well, that is as likely to happen, as the precious adoptee should turn out like me.

I’m pretty unique, I’m pretty smart, and darn it, people like me.

I’m also pretty happy most of the time.

I wonder if some of those adoptive parents might want to reconsider.


9 thoughts on “Wouldn’t Want To Be Like You

  1. I think a lot of them run to Petunia’s blog hoping to get someone like her…. I think you are wonderful. I love your voice.

  2. I’ve been meaning to pay petunia a visit myself..

    Thanks folks, it’s your encouragement that gives me strength to keep disappointing adoptive parents everywhere. (haha)

  3. Hi, Addie, I appreciate your insight.

    I just hope my kids turn out like my kids – regardless of how they feel, I want them to own those feelings. But I worry that they may feel they can’t talk to me about how they really feel about adoption, perhaps because they don’t want to hurt me, perhaps because they’re afraid to really face those feelings. Whatever the reasons, I just hope I can give them the confidence to own whatever they’re feeling, and to talk about it with whomever they choose.

    Thanks again.

  4. Hi Addie, just discovered your postings, and thanks for making us laugh! I love angry adoptees. My amom always tells me how she got screwed to end up with a daughter like me-and i fit the ivy league profile. Perhaps we should come with warning labels attached- may not live up to expectations. And in response to your stupidity postings- remember the world according to South Park’s Mr. Garrison “There are no stupid questions, only stupid people”
    Cheers, Bijou

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