As I See It

I am almost always surrounded by beautiful things.  At home where I keep the things that I love. In my car where I see the rolling hills, deer, and bare trees of my county.  Even at work where the packages are bright and varied, even if a bit garish.  Everywhere I look almost everything is designed to appeal to my eye.  It’s always been that way.

I can’t remember a time when everything I saw wasn’t designed to please me, get my attention, or make me look good.  I live in a bright world.  I can’t imagine the darkness that they say I came from.

They say I was saved from a place where there would be no color, a place where everything I saw wouldn’t please me.   That if left there, I would not to this day live in a bright world.  Everything would be dark and dull.

I think they are wrong.

The colors and shapes are mine.  I see them.  Nobody taught me to see them.    I know for a fact that I was not taught to see them because the ones that took me cannot see them as I do.  I know things would be bright where ever I came from.

I am what I am.   I see things as I see them.  I was simply shown different things, my perception is the same.  I am not changed, just put in another place.

So maybe it wasn’t really about me.


7 thoughts on “As I See It

  1. Yeah, I can only manage one rant a day, the grocery blog was the lucky recipient today. I’m not as young as I used to be, you know.

  2. I understand exactly what you are saying, and you say it beautifully. I too have always been drawn to rich colors and the beauty of things. My aparents were monotones, could not appreciate any of it. So much for nurture. I was born ME. They could never make me someone else.

    Beautifully said, Addie.

    And now, back to ungrateful bastard rants. 🙂

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