Just a note…

If you don’t have me bookmarked, you can apparently find me by Googleing either,

Bad Adoption Reunions


Mothers Who Lie

Ahhh..what a life, huh?

6 thoughts on “Just a note…

  1. oh I have gotten some oddball ones too we should have a master list somewhere.

    I think my last favorite was “not nice birthdaughter”

  2. I’ve just got

    “adoption of possums” (yeah – as if I want to be adopted AGAIN)


    “I want my children to look for me one day where do I place my details”

    (maybe our blogs are helping a little then……….hopefully)

    LOL to both of your and Joy’s search results – I like.
    I’ll keep an eye out now – now that I know what I’m looking at!!!!!
    (yep – Possum is BLONDE!!!!)

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