Two Pictures

Okay so there is just one picture.

I’m doing the best I can here, alright?

Just have a laugh at the dorky little girl.

Thank you.


18 thoughts on “Two Pictures

  1. Bueller….?



    What the… ?

    I only see one picture, yeah the little girl in the sailor dress. Would make a perfect addition to a poem I wrote once.

  2. Very sweet. I think it’s an absolutely lovely picture. You have great features, by the way! 🙂

    Hope you can get the picture of your mom to come up – I would love to see her.

  3. In fact, we don’t give them away. It’s very complicated and painful and multi layered.

    It’s the reason we get together and blog about it because away from here people just don’t get it….

  4. Addie…thanks for straightening me out about your name. I confused your name with another person – Ani. You have a very long name. I can see why you just go by Addie.

    And Kim, I understand what you are saying yet legally (and what society would say) is a child whose parents voluntarily terminated his/her parental rights gave that child up for adoption. No question there may have been other forces at work pressuring her/him to do it and I think these blogs are a great way to express the loss felt and to advocate reform and the reasons for it.

    And what I meant by my comment was I don’t know how any parent could relinquish their rights to Addie after they saw her. It was meant to be complimentary not to indicate that just mere appearance would be reason to keep/relinquish a child.

  5. I love your pic. The sailor suit may be dorky but you’re wearing it with much panache. I like it alot actually.

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