Our Petunia

If you are not already familiar with our Petunia, here’s a link to her blog.


Just copy and paste. Sorry.

I first made the acquaintance of Petunia when she found out that her bio-sister was a heavy metal listening, tattooed, Satan worshiping, bar tending, potential vampire. I, of course, took it upon myself to defend Vampira Jr., and this lead to a spiffy little exchange on my blog.

I don’t hold any animosity toward Petunia, in fact, in light of recent discoveries, I feel a bit sorry for her.

As you know most of us don’t blog under our real names, Petunia is no exception, she has used a very common device and bogs under her birth name. Petunia. Kind of an odd name isn’t it? I began to wonder why someone would give their child that name. It must mean something. I had a feeling I had heard a name similar to that somewhere before, but I just couldn’t put my finger on it.

Then it came to me…

“The Boookay residence, the lady of the house speaking.”

Yes, our Hyacinth.

Petunia must surely be the lost birth sister of Hyacinth Bucket. It only makes sense, Hyacinth, Rose, Daisy, and of course Violet with a Mercedes and room for a pony, all sisters, but there must be just one more, our Petunia.

Petunia must be the result of one of Daddy’s adventures after the war. He had a brilliant mind, you know, I’m sure he was quite one with the ladies. A young woman could easily be drawn into a tryst with such a man. I have no doubt that Petunia was adopted to keep shame from Daddy’s name, and that of the love struck young girl who had feel for his charms. The family never speaks of it, of course.

Did Petunia ring up Hyacinth on her white slimline telephone? Was she rejected or asked to a candle light supper, or possibly a nautical buffet? Has she met her nephew Sheridan? Would Hyacinth serve her on the Royal Doulton with blue periwinkles?

One thing is for sure Hyacinth and Petunia would share an opinion of Onslo’s vest.

The show is called “Keeping Up Appearances”, folks.


23 thoughts on “Our Petunia

  1. What about riparian entertainment?

    And room for a pony?

    Is that code?

    Did you notice the heavy metal bf looked like a studio shot and more post punk than heavy metal

  2. I said that Violet had room for a pony, and a Mercedes.

    I did notice that. I just figured she didn’t know the difference between, post punk, goth, new glam, and metal. She just pulled a shot form an image search.

  3. Sorry Anne looks like you are going to have to copy and paste, WordPress won’t let me link it.

    I know you aren’t a stalker, you would be really terrible at it.

  4. ha ha I would be a bad stalker….hard to stalk people with pearls around my neck and my smile

    I did finally get into her site…

    warning flag to this a/mom not telling a/parents about bio’s WHY??

    something stinks in Petunia’s garden perhaps pony poo?

  5. That’s how i had it first, Joy. It took me back to my page with an error message. I think it’s because it’s a google blog.

    Oh Anne, pony poo, yes lots of pony poo there.


    Snarky, moi?

  6. Oh I meant code on Hyacinth’s part, not yours.

    That is one of my all time favorite shows.

    Maybe that is why I like P. so much

  7. I didn’t get it because I’ve never heard of Hyacinth Bucket. I had to go to Wikipedia to find out what you were talking about.
    Now I want to see that show.

  8. Yes Addie I am feeling sorry for her as well,,


    Hope you guys aren’t mad at me,,


  9. That is one of my all time favorite shows too. Must be why I like you and Joy so much. I have been a huge fan of many many British sitcoms since I was a teenager (that’s almost 40 years).

    My amom was Hyacinth. If she had watched that show, she would have said “I don’t get it. This is supposed to be a comedy? What’s so funny?”

  10. Possum,

    I’m perspective like that.


    How can anyone not love this show, well almost anybody.




    I’m not seeing my amom getting it either. She actually sings AT people too. Showtunes.

  11. OH NO JULIlE

    My ex husband and my son, used to call me Hyacinth, in re: my backseat driving, anxiety in overdrive (adopted much?) “Yes, I see the trees, Hyacinth”

    Did you see the one where she gets Richard skis? “Not everyone who has skis, actually skis Richard”

  12. Yes, I did.

    My favorite might be when Hyacinth furnishes her ‘country estate’ with the genuine reproduction petite Queen Anne furniture.

    Issycat, I have a feeling you will love the show. If you have BBCAmerica, it’s still on from time to time.

  13. My favorite episodes are the ones where Hyacinth tries to keep the other side of her family out of sight – especially Onslo. My amom was always MORTIFIED by my adad’s sister and her family – especially, of course, if anyone “important” saw them with us. They were our closet cousins.

    Funny, they were the most genuine, loving, and open people I knew growing up. But I barely knew them because they were the “bad relatives,” the “pig farmers,” the “McCoys.” the “HeeHaw Family.”

    Come to think of it, if I had met a pig farmer years ago, I probably would have married him just to piss off Hyacinth – er – my amom.

    Oh, geezus – Limoges, Spode, Lladro, Royal Doulton, Diane von Furstenberg, Lilly… the Junior League, hospital charity balls (mostly the ball gowns) gawd, that woman would drool over the stupid stuff, and talk about designers and drop names and then gasp when someone talked about their (yikes!) feelings.

  14. “Keeping Up Appearances” was/is one of our favorite shows as well. I think the whole show could have an adoptee theme run through it cuz there seems to be a lot of similarities. I agree Julie. Some of the most “down to earth” (literally and figurtively) have the fewest screens and are the most honest, in your face, folks. BTW, my uncle was a pig farmer and he had a story about everything.

    The other Britsh sitcom we use to watch followed Keeping up Appearances….trying to think of the name but the setting is a department store and one of the salespersons was gay. It was hallarious!

    I often wonder just how well received shows like these shows would be today if just coming out….same as “All in the Family”….

  15. Addie… OMG she sings showtunes AT people? That is too funny. Tell more.

    Joy, the back-seat driving and control stuff were where my amom and Hyacinth parted ways. My amom was actually very subservient – yet completely preoccupied with “what the neighbors will think,” etc.

    Lee, it was “Are You Being Served?” And oh yeah I could just see Hyacinth being mortified as her “closed adoption era” adoptee came out and proudly proclaimed herself a b-a-s-t-a-r-d, or….oh you are right – too many similarities to count because (infant) adoption is so classist (the industry exploiting each class in its way).

  16. I love the one where Hyacinth is buying a new counter top so she opens her bag, takes out all of the ingredients and sets about making biscuits right there in the store to make sure the countertop is going to work properly.

    OH, and the GOUT episode!!!!!! LOLOLOL

    If Sheridan were adopted it would explain a lot.

  17. Sheridan is just too much like his Mummy to be adopted.

    BTW, Petunia has commented, on the wrong post. It’s the one just below this. I asked her if Richard drank.

    You mean girls, you.

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