Playing Tag

One of my good friends (who I’m not mad at) tagged me to do this.  I know there are other things I need to get to, but this looks like more fun, so I’m going to do this…

Three Things That Scare me:

Losing someone close to me

Weird Jello salads with Cool Whip and grapes and stuff in them

Three People Who Make Me Laugh

My Dad

My Husband

Dick Cheney

Three Things I Love



My friends

Three Things I Hate

Being kept waiting

Dump and chase hockey


Three Things I Don’t Understand


My mother


Three Things On My Desk

The stupid clock with a bear on it that my employees got me last Christmas (can I add that to things I hate too?)

Green Tea

Autographed Emmylou Harris CD
Three Things I Want To Do Before I Die

Spend a month in Italy

Completely finish my house

Meet my first Mom

Three Things I Can Do


Stay calm in a crisis


Three Things I Can’t Do



Pass up a good shoe sale

Three Things I Think You Should Listen To


Cheap Trick

Your Grandmother

Three Things You Should Never Listen To



Fox News

Three Things I’d Like To Learn (but won’t)

Conversational German

The meaning of Life

To keep my mouth shut

Three Shows I Watched As A Kid

The Monkees

The Brady Bunch

The Duane and  Floppy Show


9 thoughts on “Playing Tag

  1. I’m terrified of spiders too.
    Especially those really big speckledy hairy legged ones.
    And personally I blame the Church of the Latter Day Saints for the scrapbooking epidemic 🙂

    I do HOPE you get get to do those three significant things before you die.

    Oh, and I don’t think anyone can actually learn the meaning of life, let alone teach it.
    (“Why bother to live, if we can bury you for $10.00?” (Ad for funeral home, written by Sigmund Freud))

  2. Spiders don’t bother me as longs as they are the tarantulas that visit at the end of every summer. They eat the scorpions that hang around the house.

    Scrapbooking I will never understand, crochet and swedish weaving oooh I love those. Anything having to do with yarn I adore. I guess maybe that is the cat in me. Love to play with string.

  3. I once saw a Jello recipe book and the best recipe was green jello with a ring of tuna fish inside


  4. yeah Addie,

    and a bravo to you also, and a hip hip hooray,,

    I am trying to be as tacky as possible, oh and you and joy did not tag anyone,

    you have to do that you know,,

    the meme, (still have know idea what that really is, ) must live.

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