Of Saints And Sinners

Well, which are you?

There comes a time you have to decide.

Either has it’s advantages. It all just comes down to where you feel most comfortable.

Sainthood has a lot to offer. Sure there is all the stuff you have to endure to get the title, but once you get that bit of nastiness out of the way, it’s smooth sailing. You become the the subject of adoration, praises are sung to you, icons are made in your image. You are basically a rockstar without the bother of being creative.

The title of Sinner also has a lot to offer. There’s none of that enduring the torture thing. You can pretty much just declare yourself and start taking advantage of the perks immediately. It’s just like being a rockstar, you get all the good stuff, and if you’re good at it, and want to excel, you become creative.

Just one thing though, whichever you choose, there is no pretending.

That doesn’t mean that one cannot pretend to be the other. That means that you have to know which you are, nobody else. The consequences of fooling yourself are dire.

So decide, are you a Saint or a Sinner?

But please don’t tell me.

I’ve made my decision.

Did I tell you that once you decide, either way, there is one gift in common?

You can see the pretenders.


13 thoughts on “Of Saints And Sinners

  1. Ok. I go away for a weekend and everything is all cryptic . Did something happen that I missed while being deathly ill on a surreal vacation?
    Joy, where is your blog?
    Addie, who is pretending?
    You guys are freaking me out!
    Hope all is ok.

  2. Ohhhh, I’m a sinner. Definitely a sinner.

    I know you didn’t ask – but it’s no secret anyway.

    Yeh, same here on the respect. Someday I’m gonna hop in my car and drive up there to have a drink with you.

  3. I was named after Saint Theresa, but dropping roses from heaven sounds like a wasteful thing to do. I’ve been accused of sins I never committed, but wish I did because I’d have so many more fun memories. I go for more of the insane hermit mystic in the desert cave sort of thing.

  4. issy,

    All’s well here, some folks just got their panties in a bunch and it brought up too many memories of all the wedgies they were on the receiving end of from the kewl kids.


    Tell you what, I’ll drive down and meet you down on Southwest Blvd. Neither my town, nor Perfect Village suit our fabulousness.


    I too wish I had done all the things I’ve been accused of, the suspicion with out the memories, is a raw deal.

  5. I was born out of sin – had to be sold to hide that sin – how could I be anything but?

    Southwest Blvd. sounds great! Let’s plan it after I’ve recouped from maternity leave.

  6. So I got curious last night. Actually, I got paranoid. In typical adoptee behavior, I thought I had done something to make everybody mad. Isn’t that stupid? Aww, the weight of the world is on my shoulders!!!
    So I did some detective work and figured out what this is all about.

    But at the same time, now I wish I didn’t know. 😦

    BTW, I’ve done a lot of things in my life but I can say with certainty I have never done anything candyassed. 😉

  7. I missed the drama too.

    someone clue me in!

    I’m not a good detective. I’m glad I never had to search or I’d still be wondering where the hell I got my double chin from.

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