Home Study Questions

It seems that a lot of adoptive parents feel very validated by the fact that they have passed a home study. This investigation seems to be the magical factor in proving they will be the bestest parents ever.

But I wonder.

Based on my own experiences, and those of other adoptees, I propose the following questions be added to all PAPs home studies.

As you may know, many potential birth parents love to swim, as there is a chance your potential child will inherit this love of the water, do you have a pool? If not, are you willing to build one before your child reaches school age?

Adoption agencies can only work as the instrument of God, not as God himself, are willing to sign a hold harmless agreement with God in the event that your child should turn out to have a mind of their own?

Do you have sufficient closet space for your child? One child under the age of four will require at least 3 square feet of space, after the age of four or the weight of 60 lb., attic or basement space may be utilized.

The Adoptive Children’s Act of 2002 states that all adoptive children shall be provided with a pony. This pony is subject to inspection by local Animal Control Agencies. Have you completed your pony care check list, completed your pony care classes, and enclosed your stable inspection form?


4 thoughts on “Home Study Questions

  1. It also is important on your home study to let the people know you are glad to be rescuing said child or children from a life of no pool or pony.

    Even better if you can get a baby from a poor country and let the homestudy people know that you are going to remind them that they are now Americans and get to live the American dream…..

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