20 Things #3

2. You and Jesus really don’t have all that much in common.

Have you been told that you were at the center of some God initiated conspiracy to be placed with your adoptive parents? That maybe your a-folks couldn’t have children of their own for a reason? That another woman found herself in a difficult situation just so you could be adopted? That folks at social services or an agency fulfilled the role of angels his scenario? You are not alone, this is a common piece of adoption mythology. It also makes about as much sense as them telling you they found you under a cabbage leaf.

There were real and distinctly ungodly forces working in order to get you adopted. These included agencies, advertising, and the state court system. None of these are directly overseen by any supreme being.

Your parents may have prayed for a child, but only if you subscribe to the adage that God helps those that help themselves, can you even begin to connect the adoption process with anything like the divine. There is some precedent in Christian tradition for children being granted for reasons of God’s choosing, but these almost always involve incest, immaculate conception, or old ladies producing children to be savior’s playmates. So unless you, or your bestest buddy, are doing the twist on the surface of the swimming pool, I think we can count that out.

Even if the agency involved with your adoption was connected with a church, it was by no means a case of the hand of God working to bring you to your destination. It’s just too problematic to work out which God inspired agency had the right bead on God’s true work. The big two in adoption, the Catholics and the Later Day Saints, can’t even agree on what their main man Jesus was up to for several years, I doubt they would agree that any child that would come into the other’s possession had much potential for eternal blessing.

The very thought that God would go to such round about means as adoption requires to bring your parents a child is just silly. Think about it, as nice people as your a-parents might be, what have they done to justify these lengths? Just wanting a child really doesn’t fly with God. Those on record that have been divinely granted children have gone through a whole hell of a lot either previous to receiving their miracles, or very soon thereafter. Driving you to soccer practice, allowing you to take up the trombone in the fifth grade, or even surviving your teenage rebellion, just doesn’t rate.

On the same note what about you? If you are truly a gift from God, what have you done? Divine status has it’s responsibilities and expectations. Unless you are the new Messiah or part of his crew, that pretty much leaves you out. If you think you might be the new Messiah, at this point I should probably suggest you do a bit more serious reading than this, on psychological issues. If you do not at this point have any ascribed miracles, bilocations, or feel the need to lead a political and social movement redefining an established religion, I feel that we can move on.


13 thoughts on “20 Things #3

  1. But you said I cured your athlete’s foot!

    Whine and foot stamping.

    This is brilliant as usual.

    this really should be a book.

  2. Addie this is wonderful, and you know I have thought the same things myself. Why would God do that? I mean really if you are infertile maybe that is Gods Plan for you right? Maybe there is a reason you didn’t have kids? *sigh* Of course the rah – rah adoption is good people would say we are both wrong..

  3. Wait just one freaking minute!!!!!!!! Are you suggesting that the thousands of dollars my parents tithed Catholic Charities for my ass didn’t go DIRECTLY to God?!!!!

  4. Each year, millions of North Americans consider adopting a child. Unfortunately, many rule out adoption due to lack of knowledge or fears of what they will encounter during the process. As a result, peoples dreams of having a family arent realized and children needing homes remain in orphanages …

  5. Robin Barko Barking Mad with his comment above mine has more than a few spelling mistakes on his website that his comment links to. You don’t think that he and Pertoonia are one and the same do you?

  6. I think Pertoon-the-loon-ia is having problems with her feelings and has to say outrageous things to get attention. That and the fact that Addie and Joy write pure genius and she is barely mediocre. It’s no wonder she and Mr. Barko Barking have so much in common.

    One spams and the other one talks rubbish. How wonderful.

  7. I’d like to think everybody for coming to the beautiful Palace Hotel Ballroom blog, and especially all the representatives of the adoption industry for being here tonight, and remember whatever you do to live, thrive, and survive…..

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