The Quest

As I embark on my quest I am reminded of my hero Opus, from Bloom County, who one time set out on a similar quest. While I’m sure that mine will not involve a ship from Greenpeace, I cannot completely rule out the participation of heavily armed Mary Kay ladies.

But first things first, I must prepare. Quest require that physical and mental abilities be honed to their sharpest. I may face many obstacles, I must be ready. Foremost in my mind is the fact that the CD player in my car has shot craps. I must get this replaced before I embark upon my adventure. The very thought of traveling those many miles with only the sound of my tires on the pavement fill me with dread. Though my traveling companion is a great conversationalist, I don’t think that I can make this quest without a whole lot of help from Don Henley, P-Funk, and NPR.

Music is an important element for the modern quester. It allows you to set the mood, garner strength, organize thoughts, and ignore your traveling companion. If Odysseus had a CD player The Odyssey may well have gone much differently, especially if he was an Iron Maiden fan. Come to think of it, if those soothsayers and oracle sniffers had been granted the sight of an Iron Maiden catalog, a whole lot of those mythic misunderstandings could have been avoided.

So my quest will start with in-dash car stereo quest.

That and I probably need to get caught up with the laundry…..