Drawing The Line

A few days ago someone left a negative comment on my blog. I get a lot of negative comments, but I noticed this one because it was so filled with the kind of stuff that has almost become a joke among adoption bloggers. Take a look…

Blah, Blah, Blah…can’t you write anything original? You think you are so smart, but you are really totally stupid and SO ungrateful! You could of been aborted you know. I feel sorry for the suckers who took you in. You are such a bitch. Get help.


See. Other than concisely fitting in all the big gripes that every civilian seems to have about adoptees who aren’t spreading sunshine, happiness, and gratitude, like a rancher spreads manure, it a fairly unimaginative comment. I honestly thought it was one of my friends fucking with me. I would think if someone was truly displeased, they would be a bit more creative.

It’s come to my attention that the comment might not have been made in jest. That the comment may have been made by an adoptee who has issues with her own adoption. The thing is, even if this is so, I can’t work up a whole lot of sympathy.

First of all, there’s just the total boringness of the comment. There’s no passion, no originality, hell it gets a 3 out of 10 on style points. I’m surprised that everything is spelled right. I just really don’t think think they are approaching their self-martyrdom with the proper dedication or creativity. Let’s face it, if this is the best they can come up with, what’s the point of even doing it?

My commenter needs to look to some who have been really good at irrationality and get a few pointers. First of all, if my commenter hasn’t already done it, they might want to think about embracing anarchy. This has worked well for nutjobs though out history. Just in the 20th century it’s been the main force behind everything from political assassinations, to music, to t-shirt moguls, to cult leaders. I think the philosophy would be a good fit for our commenter and something they could make their own.

Barring any real interest in Anarchy, try religion, many times it amounts to about the same thing. You might have to bow your head once in a while, a dress up a bit, but those who can embrace one can usually embrace the other with equal gusto, given the same level of mental incapacitation and neediness.

Malcontents also should invest in some education. There’s nothing more embarrassing than railing on and on about a point close to your soul only to find out that it’s based on bogus information. If you want to be a good moonbat, you need to at least be half right. Oh course, not speaking in absolutes helps with this. You’ll sound like you are a little closer to the truth if you employ phrases like. “In my opinion”, “Could it be that?”, and “Is it possible?”. Check out the average documentary about UFOs, or the exact location of Atlantis for great examples of this. The beauty here is you’re not stating fact, only giving the equally mentally challenged something to grab on to. Which leads me to my next point.

Don’t try to hang too much with sane folks. If you want to be a real crazy, too much sanity can wear you down. Just stick with the other whackadoodles. Sure they may too busy raving on their own to fully appreciate your ravings, but at least they’ll let you keep raving.

What I’m getting to here is that my commenter isn’t going to find any success with the sound of mind. Their only (slim) hope is with the irrational. The rational among us do draw a line when instead of attacking the source of pain, one attacks those who understand and acknowledge the pain. They simply will not one person’s insanity run riot over the innocent. No amount of pain justifies attacking ones who have been through the same experience. My commenter has become something worse than the thing that created them. Until such time that they may come to their senses, they should be banished to the planet Moonbat.

They do not belong among us.


13 thoughts on “Drawing The Line

  1. I am sorry this message was sent to you. I get those too. Delete. Ignore. Consider the source. Feel sorry for them. Pray that they will wake up and when they do, try and be there for them. Thats all I usually offer to those that attack me.


  2. Ah, Addie. Crap like that is flung far and wide, isn’t it?

    I found this to be so true:

    No amount of pain justifies attacking ones who have been through the same experience.

    It’s too bad people don’t remember that mantra more often before they hit “Post”.

    And I’m glad you’re back. I’ve been missing you.

  3. yes, i am so grateful that i was sexually abused for eight years and had a mother so evangelical it was oppressive. don’t get me wrong, i am very thankful for the life i have now but, really…

    i cannot believe someone would make that sort of comment to ANYONE who blogs about adoption. and it’s “you could HAVE” not “you could OF”! i see someone stupid here, but it isn’t you.

  4. I wonder why anonymous or should that be anonymouse feels the need to squeak from undercover. Mind you, It would take a proper dick head to post that AND name themselves! Perhaps anonymouse isn’t as thick as it squeaks!
    love tina

  5. I wasn’t a big fan of your anonymous poster when she was open with her identity on aaafc – I tend to bypass anything she says.

    Just ignore her and know that she is likely looking for attention instead of trying to insult.

  6. Was it Petunia? I had a peek at her blog in a weak and bored moment and she’s been on another rant about adoption and how it’s better than being aborted and how people really ought to stop whining about being adopted AND how it’s not really because you’re adopted anyways……….

    it’s because THE WRONG PEOPLE adopted you and because you aren’t grateful to not have been aborted


    JESUS wants more adoptions to go ahead…..

    you only have to read those nutty bible basher adoption blogs to truly *cough* see the light.

    If you and Joy were not blogging I would be very sad and not be hearing your sane voice that is threaded with the gold and silver of your wit and homour.


    president of the Addie fan club

  7. Petunia would not sink that low. In fact, I think she would be mortified at the language. We know who it is. I am sad for that person that she is going to the adoptee bloggers and saying that. I know that she hit me but I moderate my comments now. It is just safer that way. If someone is being argumentative and wants a good discussion then it stays. If it is derogatory, then it goes.

  8. I’m getting jealous.

    I never get comments like that!

    And you know if there was an award for whining I’d probably win. Whining and complaining about my adoption AND my adopters.

    Also, I have the whole “angry adoptee” thing going on.

    Sorry losers like that anonymous poster are attracted to nice people like you who actually say interesting, witty things instead of the Super Ungrateful Whiners like me.

    I’d “take one” for you any day, Addie!!!

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