Who the fuck are you?

 Who the fuck are you?

Either Sid said that to Pete, or Pete said that to Sid.  I’ve heard it both ways.  It doesn’t really matter.

The old guard, privileged, used to getting anything the way they want it, rockstar encounters the brash, up and coming, punk.  It didn’t matter that Pete had everything to do with Sid even being there, or that Sid would represent an influence at least equal to Pete’s.  Neither of them gave a shit about the other.

That’s how it works.

Dinosaurs or punks.  Artiste or hack. My Generation or Pretty Vacant.

It comes down to what you want.

The same old shit, used up and longer vibrant, bloated by money, reduced to repeating itself over and over without providing the inspiration it once did.  A form clinging to the status quo, desperately concerned about position, afraid to defy it masters in the corporate offices.  Or something new, rebellious, unconcerned with convention or status, and one hell of a lot more fun.

God Save The Queen.


4 thoughts on “Who the fuck are you?

  1. You know, Addie, this is entirely true.

    Sometimes, the status quo is just a bad idea that’s been around long enough to be accepted as the norm. And the new idea looks rude and imposing only because it’s challenging that status quo.

    That being said, I think you’ll be amused to know that I was the only girl in my impossibly upper middle class high school who had her nose pierced and listened to Bauhaus and Joy Division AND wore houndstooth-checked conservatively preppy Limited dresses.

    Nobody ever knew what to expect from me.

    I guess some things never change, huh?

  2. No Coco, I guess not.

    I think when we get older, give up the uniforms we use to define ourselves, it gets harder to tell where people stand sometimes.

    I was a leather jacket and Chuck’s girl, myself. Think Joey Ramone with a bad blond perm.

  3. “Oh God save history
    God save your mad parade
    Oh Lord God have mercy
    All crimes are paid”

    “My brothers who live after us,
    Don’t harden you hearts against us too,
    If you have mercy now on us,
    God may have mercy upon you.”

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