I Don’t Moderate Comments..

so when I get a notification that I need to moderate a comment it usually means someone’s threatening legal action. This one came as kind of surprise, in reference to this post, Jesus Freak Saves Orphans..(I removed the links to protect the guilty, BTW)

Hi, fellow adoption blogger,

I’m sorry to spam you with this, but I’m an adoption blogger being threatened and I need your help.

This article was published in our local paper. It was live yesterday, apparently they removed it.

I blogged about it here. some months ago, using direct quotes. I got this comment yesterday, then again today in my private email box:

A.B. You need to remove your Blog on “Read it and Puke”. Your blog is not based on Fact and it is very offensive to this family. I do not want Lisa and Scotty to see what you have written as they did not write the newspaper article. It was written by someone that does not know them and to be quite honest they were pressured by family to submit a picture to help advertise the fundraiser. The author of the article may not be familiar with the process of adoption or the complete intentions of this couple. They actually were trying to adopt a special needs child. And they actually have explored the option of DHR adoption. They were urged from friends that are foster parents not to adopt from within that system for personal reasons that do not include “just wanting a little white infant”. This was not a requirement of the Bartlett’s. What you have to understand is that just by your reading an article written by someone that does not know them does not justify such a hateful blog
personally attacking them as a couple or their intentions to adopt. If someone wrote and article about you or your work with the School or your church…. and it was someone you did not know, basically you have no control over what they publish. Some information may be speculation or just filling in the spaces to make an article they feel is worth reading. I beg of you to remove this before they see it. They have been through many hard times and much loss. Lisa has never been able to have a baby. They have been trying for many years to conceive. And for the record neither one of them are fertile. If you have never been in this situation and you have been obviously very blessed with your beautiful children you have no idea how hard this can be for a childless couple. I know that the internet is a place for free speech. But I would not think that the type person you portray yourself to be would not want to intentionally inflict pain on this family. You obviously work with the public,
school, and with your business and connections with your church I would not think that this is the type impression that you would want to make. I do not honestly believe that you would intentionally want to harm someone by such a hurtful article as “READ IT AND PUKE”. Please consider what I am asking to do. There is nothing good that can come of these words written against them.

If I do not hear from you I will explore my other options. Legal, etc.

I need anyone who is a blogger to read the quotes and blog about it if you want to.
FWIW Here is my response:

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am simply a blogger blogging on newspaper articles and social networking sites published openly. The inferences drawn were reasonable. It is up to the newpaper publisher to confirm the factuality of stories they publish. As a blogger, I reacted to */quotes in a news story./* Not individuals. When a story is published it becomes fair game for open discussion, and not everyone who read the story would feel that their motives were good and noble. It is possible that the family did not know this upfront.

I don’t “hold myself out to be” anything other than a sinner, saved by grace. I did soften the (many months old) post after receiving your comment.
I regret that you feel that the comments made might be hurtful to the family. As an adoptee, few things drive me to vitriol than sentiments that people deserve babies and it is unfair to deprive them of them. I disagree that there is little or no good that comes of blog postings like mine. People slowly realize that healthy adopted infants grow up, that we are not chattel, and that we aren’t always appreciative for what transpires, purportedly on our behalf.
If you feel that my blog post is deserving of legal action, I am happy to encourage your attorney to correspond directly with my attorney.

Mrs. B.I have no idea who these people are. The commenter seems to be an adoptee, Christian mom, who had about the same reaction to the Chapman story that I did, if in a bit milder way. Who this person is threatening legal, again, I have no idea.

That’s what bothers me.

The letter in the link wasn’t signed, there was no link, or email address, to where it might have come from. I have no idea if this person threatening legal action is somehow connected to the Chapman organization ( I doubt it), a crazed stalker fan (I assume Chapman has those), or just a pissed off church lady(my bet). Whatever, I’m not linking it up. I don’t take anything on faith at According To Addie, and I’m not about to get into the middle of a church lady cat fight.

The fact that my post had nothing to do with the article that AB’s (whoever she is) post was linked to, also makes me wonder. I linked to an entirely different article. Could this be a lame ass attempt at some kind of viral marketing? Who knows? It just doesn’t seem right.

I suppose this frustrates me further because I was hoping to inspire some really good righteous cross pounding by militant Christian adoptive parents with my original post. I found it disappointing I was only able to draw one slightly miffed post concerning the legal definition of an orphan. I had hopes for rabid fans and adoptors galore.

Oh well, I’ll just throw this cross up on the hill and see what happens.


Teaser Rates and Adoption

Adoption these days can be quite a strain on the pocket book even when things are going well. I wonder how the current economic downturn is going to effect things.

In looking at the prospective parent profiles on the adoption agency websites one notices that these hopeful couples always seem to include lots of pictures of their house. Overwhelmingly these are large and comfortable and of recent vintage, in good school districts. These houses offer all the amenities that a kid could want, large bedrooms (sometimes creepily, already decorated for the perspective child), many bathrooms, large yards, and swimming pools. Heck, they even already have a dog, usually a mutt adopted from a shelter, the perfect companion for the adoptee.

It occurs to me that many of these gated and planned perfect family abodes are probably worth significantly less than they were a year ago. How is this going to affect these PAPs dream of child ownership? What if the American Dream just that, a dream, for some now?

What is one to do if there isn’t equity to chit out to consolidate all those credit card bills from IKEA for the baby furniture? Or worse yet, what if that zero interest equity only mortgage is adjusting into something that turns the perfect family abode into a “we better cash in the 401ks until we can get this money eating monster sold” proposition?

It leaves very little money for those adoption fees.

Not only is this a problem for the PAPs, it a great big problem for the agencies. Adoption could become a business where demand no longer out paces supply. When you have more buyers for your product than you have product, it’s all champagne and caviar. But when demand slumps, you can easily get into inventory problems. Ina business where your product loses value as it ages, you don’t have to be an MBA to know this can seriously cut into cash flow.

There is also the pressure form discount concerns to take into account. It is well known when money gets tight and consumer confidence goes down, the discount end of retail is more easily able to sustain growth, as consumers go looking for bargains. If PAPs start to turn to those who offer older children or fostering, this could expand inventories even more for those in the higher end. It may, in fact, result in high end concerns looking to lower end outlets to move older, less desirable inventory, at a significant loss.

In the short term look for competition within the higher end to become fierce as a smaller pool of consumers dollars are fought for by use of aggressive advertising campaigns

If current economic trends continue look, for deep discounting and expanded advertising as those involved at all levels look to move product. If poor conditions extend beyond current forecasts, look for a general shrinking of the overall sector as many consumers will be unable enter the market at all.

Lessening exposure in this segment is advised.

Before You Sell Your Soul..

make sure it’s really the devil you are dealing with.

If you are really dealing with the devil, selling you soul has certain advantages.  The most important of these is that the devil gives you exactly what you want.  The prince of darkness is nothing, if not honest.  Go down to the right crossroads and you will get what you desire.  You lose your soul, but you don’t get screwed.

The thing is the profit in the trade of souls has drawn the attention of those who might not be as plain a dealer as the devil.  Just like everything else good everybody wants to get in on a good thing.  Oh course, anytime you’re not doing business with the leader in soul trading since recorded time, you’re taking a chance on the quality.

One of the most famous trades was executed by Robert Johnson, in fact his experience went a long way to popularize the practice.  Let’s face it, he did well, there is absolutely no doubt that he was dealing with the genuine devil.  Now if he had made the mistake of selling his soul to say a minor demon, or just some enterprising enterprising human looking to make a killing in the soul market, I doubt anyone would ever had heard of him.  He might have been able to play that guitar real good, but a whole lot of guys in Mississippi could do that and you’ve never heard of them.

The devil is pure of heart, he has no other agenda than possessing your soul.  He’s never sold out, or put his clients in danger by virtue of his other associations.    He really is a guy you can trust.

Selling your soul to a cut rate concern brings all kinds of concerned.  these agencies aren’t picky about their representatives credentials or any conflicts of interest their dealings might represent.  In fact some are working for these discount firms in order to pay off their own debts.  You might come out OK, or you find yourself paying back debts you did not incur.  Unless you go quality, there are no guarantees.

Before you go down to the crossroads make sure you know just who you are dealing with.

Hey! Steven Curtis Chapman, They Aren’t Orphans

Please read here before commenting on the tragic death of Steven Curtis Chapman’s Daughter


And please note that this post was written months before the death of Steven Curtis Chapman’s daughter and has absolutely nothing to do with her. This post only concerns Mr. Chapman’s career decisions.

Check out this asswipe for Jesus..

Change For Orphans

I guess every child available for adoption is now an orphan according to this moron. Yep, every child available has no biological family, Jesus killed them all so Chapman could be a good guy.

Chapman had such a good experience with adoption that Jesus is killing off entire families so his fans can too experience the miracle of adoption. What a savior this guy is.

Seriously we all know that the vast majority of theses kids are not orphans in the traditional sense of the word, but it sure as hell makes folks feel good about themselves to think about them this way. They can conjure up images in their stupid little sheepy heads of Dicksenian waifs begging in the streets until Jesus (and a big injection of cash from Chapman) moves them to be saviors. All this without any pesky obviously Godless natural family to worry about. Meanwhile Chapman gets all kinds of good press. Hey it’s a win-win for everybody. Especially the grateful little orphans who not only get the chance to be raised by these self-centered, savior complex ridden, bad music listening, dips for Jesus, but might get the chance to promote super-savior Chapman’s career by appearing on stage.

What a fucking low-life this guy is, using available children, conveniently labeled orphan, to sell his latest album. What’s the matter Steven, did Jesus not get you the distribution deal that you needed to move product?