Before You Sell Your Soul..

make sure it’s really the devil you are dealing with.

If you are really dealing with the devil, selling you soul has certain advantages.  The most important of these is that the devil gives you exactly what you want.  The prince of darkness is nothing, if not honest.  Go down to the right crossroads and you will get what you desire.  You lose your soul, but you don’t get screwed.

The thing is the profit in the trade of souls has drawn the attention of those who might not be as plain a dealer as the devil.  Just like everything else good everybody wants to get in on a good thing.  Oh course, anytime you’re not doing business with the leader in soul trading since recorded time, you’re taking a chance on the quality.

One of the most famous trades was executed by Robert Johnson, in fact his experience went a long way to popularize the practice.  Let’s face it, he did well, there is absolutely no doubt that he was dealing with the genuine devil.  Now if he had made the mistake of selling his soul to say a minor demon, or just some enterprising enterprising human looking to make a killing in the soul market, I doubt anyone would ever had heard of him.  He might have been able to play that guitar real good, but a whole lot of guys in Mississippi could do that and you’ve never heard of them.

The devil is pure of heart, he has no other agenda than possessing your soul.  He’s never sold out, or put his clients in danger by virtue of his other associations.    He really is a guy you can trust.

Selling your soul to a cut rate concern brings all kinds of concerned.  these agencies aren’t picky about their representatives credentials or any conflicts of interest their dealings might represent.  In fact some are working for these discount firms in order to pay off their own debts.  You might come out OK, or you find yourself paying back debts you did not incur.  Unless you go quality, there are no guarantees.

Before you go down to the crossroads make sure you know just who you are dealing with.


6 thoughts on “Before You Sell Your Soul..

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