The Missouri Compromise

Missouri is the “Show Me” state. Legend says we got that name because we’re kind of slow. There must be some truth to that because I don’t know what the heck is going on.

Representative Connie Johnson was set to introduce a bill that would grant Missouri adoptees access to their original birth certificates. Then I get an email in which representative Johnson expressed her offense at , “the dialogue that has taken place regarding this bill and my intentions”. I was taken aback.

My first thought was that those who would wish to limit adoptee access had offended Mrs. Johnson. Scrolling down revealed something else entirely, it was a member of the group MO CARE, more specifically a Caroline Pooler who had caused the offense.

I had never heard of MO CARE. I Googled them. As far as the internet is concerned, they have never heard of them either. A little closer examination revealed a close allegiance with the American Adoption Congress. Now we all know that the American Adoption Congress ” comprises individuals, families and organizations committed to adoption reform. We represent those whose lives are touched by adoption or other loss of family continuity”.

This explained who these people were, but not what they had done to make Representative Johnson feel that she needed to pull the bill from the legislative session. Why would a group that seemed so supportive of the rights of adoptees oppose this bill to the point of offense and possibly jeopardizing the support of a friendly legislator to any future bills?

Nobody knew. As far as I can tell Ms. Pooler’s motives have not been revealed to anyone outside her group.

A larger question in my mind is, who gave her the right to speak for all Missouri adoptees? I certainly did not. I am not a member of MO CARE, if it does indeed exist. I am not a member of The American Adoption Congress. They do not speak for me or many others. Honestly I’m a bit offended that anyone would think that they did.

I appreciate Representative Johnson’s effort on my behalf. Even if the bill was not perfect I did support it as it was written. It would have given me access to my original birth certificate.

Caroline Pooler, never again think that you can speak for me. If I can give you a piece of advice, it does our cause certain harm to offend friendly legislators. I don’t know what your problem was. You seemed to think it was your place to speak for me, but didn’t think I needed to be informed of your reasons. I am also offended.

So please Ms. Pooler outline your reasoning for me. Right now. Right here. The comment section is below.

By the way, MO Care will Google now.


51 thoughts on “The Missouri Compromise

  1. This should be interesting… I can’t tell you the number of times that Bastard Nation has taken the heat for killing bills that contain contact and disclosure vetoes because of some legislature’s indignation at being called on their crap, for calling a spade a spade. The AAC is the “go along to get along” adoption reform group, they’ve accepted compromises of every sort, shape and description… So I can’t wait to hear what blasphemy Ms. Pooler uttered to get Connie Johnson’s panties so twisted up.

  2. Ron,

    Yes this should be interesting. The thing is they don’t seem to get along very well off their own turf. You’d think at least Pooler would have a toadie defending her on here by now.


    I didn’t know you was a gog.


    Yep it’s all about presence.

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  4. You wanted a “toadie”? I prefer the monicker “friend.” Carolyn is a very kind woman who through her support group, has helped me tremendously and who has only been an asset in the MO fight. I was so worried that this year people would be so beat down by previous attempts at passing legislation here in MO that they would compromise on a faulty bill. But Carolyn stood strong apparently- and now she is being slammed by a community she fought valiantly for over decades. You all should be ashamed of yourselves for this. Missouri compromise? It sounds like the only person that is ripe for compromise is Miss Recoy herself.
    There Miss Recoy- I put it on your blog for you:

    (The following is my most recent response to an exchange of emails between this blogger and myself):

    I don’t like compromises, and I do not think a bill that effectively kills an adoptee’s right to free association does anything to rectify the viewpoint of adoptees in this state as anything more than second-class dogs. If we compromise now, more than likely there will be no going back later. Personally, I’ve already had my reunion and have a decent relationship with my biological family- more than I could have hoped for when I started searching. I want my OBC, and I want recognition by the state that I deserve the same rights as everyone else. A contact preference or a contact veto are only preemptive restraining orders that require no hearing, no due process. Adoptees as usual, are presumed guilty. As for your blog, what does that do? Other than as I said- cause more division among groups with a goal of improving adoptee’s situation in MO. If you are so gung-ho on all this legislation stuff, where were you the last few years? Writing your little blog while the rest of us got off our asses to actually write letters and testify? You are just like a person who complains about politics online and whines about the state of affairs and doesn’t even vote! My whole goal since I first found out about closed records has been to open them, but I choose to do it in the real world. I also choose to do it with some dignity, instead of acting like schoolgirls spreading rumors about each other in the locker room. Go ahead and put this on your blog- I’ve got nothing to hide. I’d like to send this to the same list I received your email through. That was actually my intention in the first place, unfortunately I spend so much time in the real world, I am not so great at replying to a large list of email addresses. That is why my initial reply included stuff about the medical info- because others who commented voiced concerns over not getting medical info and I intended to reply to them as well.

    melanie recoy wrote:

    BT\W, I can put this up on my blog for you if you can’t figure it out. I’ll do it anomalously, of course. You understand that will make you look like you don’t want to discuss these things out in the open, right?

    On Fri, Feb 15, 2008 at 8:06 PM, melanie recoy wrote:

    On Fri, Feb 15, 2008 at 7:51 PM, E B wrote:

    You do realize that HB1998 would not give us medical information or anything else like that and included a contact veto? We would only be given medical info IF the form was filled out. That would include only half of the biological medical information, (assuming the birthmother would be the one to fill out the form). With a contact veto, if her preference was no contact, then you would be SOL. Now, this may not be important to you, but a for a lot of adoptees, (I’d say the majority), getting their genetic and medical info is a primary concern. HB1998 also didn’t really address previous sections of law that require a court order to open the OBC or adoption records. The way things work and as slow as legislation is to change do we really want to blow what could be our once in a lifetime chance on a faulty bill that only further harms adoptees? There would not have been even a chance for some of this legislation to be proposed over the last few years if it weren’t for Carolyn OR AAC. But good job furthering the divide in the adoption reform community- that is exactly what we need .

    You do realize that no one can guarantee a re-union? You do know that even natural parents who kept their child really don’t have to be honest about half their child’s genetic heritage? You do know that there isn’t an inalienable right for anyone to have their parents tell them anything?

    I’m very aware of how the bill reads. I am also very aware of how the bill in the senate reads. This is a OBC bill. Not a re-union bill.

    Do you want your OBC or not? No one can guarantee anyone’s question answered.

    Do you want what anyone, adopted or not, can really count on getting, or nothing at all?

    melanie recoy wrote:

    I don’t know what else to say..

  5. Something I forgot to mention in my email, if you were really involved in anything other than rumor spreading then you would know who Carolyn is. Just because someone doesn’t exist online doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Carolyn has actually been acting in the real world. I guess all the virtual world geeks that only whine and pass around rumors wouldn’t know that. In other news… I’ll go ahead and dip to your level for a second. In your email to me threatening to post this, did you happen to mean anonymously? Or did you actually mean anomalous? Anomaly means different than the norm. Anonymous means of unknown identity or to do without an identity.

  6. That’s all real nice. And you almost managed to post it legibly. I have made my position on this bill clear from the beginning.

    You still didn’t answer the question..

    What the heck did your “friend” say to Representative Johnson and why did she assume to speak for me?

    And please explain to all of us ungrateful little bastards why alienating a friendly legislator is a good thing.

    You might want to check my recent post too..

    Don’t worry you’ll get the hang of it.

  7. As to your second comment, you probably don’t want to piss off the online community. You do realize we are the ones emailing the legislators every day? Gathering support for legislation? Heck some of us are writing that legislation. We number in the thousands.

    I would think that the fact that the Missouri bill wasn’t allowed to just disappear would prove some merit.

    BTW, no rumors here. I simply was asking for a clarification. The fact that you are avoiding that will only serve to feed the rumor mill.

    No, I meant anomalous, it’s more you.

    Now either explain what was done to offend Representative Johnson or get off my blog.

  8. I am someone who HAS TESTIFIED. I did not wait “for the word.” I FOUND IT and acted. I am someone who works on legislator’s campaigns to make bedfellows of them for future efforts. I am someone who writes real letters to legislators that they cannot ignore. I’ve been a member of BN and I have attended many adoption support groups. I have also worked as a search angel. I don’t care how many hits your blog has gotten… until you can show me something you have done that has actually made waves OFFLINE that contributes to our cause, I consider you insignificant. The only thing you are doing is damaging the cause, and poor Carolyn’s reputation. Grow up.

    melanie recoy wrote:

    Well since I have such a little blog, you won’t mind me moving it over there to answers this will you? I can move it to these blogs too. They are asking the same questions..

    Amy wants to know.

    Gershom wants to know.

    And Marley really wants to know.

    Oh and these folks are curious too Nullius Filius.

    I can’t speak for the others, but I’ve only got a few hundred hits today, being a holiday and all. I don’t think things will really let loose until tomorrow. More than 60,000 folks have read my little blog.

    Or I suppose you can reply to me here, Adoption Threads there are over a thousand members there. I’m an admin, so I can get you approved real quick.

    Or we can do this here AAAFC, admin and founder there, again I’ll see that you can get on immediately.

    Or if you want to know a bit more about me, listen to my episode of The Adoption Show. Addie and Joy, April 8, 2007.

    As you can see, I’ve been a bit busy. But I did do a lot of letter writing and have volunteered to testify. I was just waiting on the word.

    So, who were you again?

  9. Bs,

    Are you privy to every Missouri legislator’s mail? Electronic and snail? So what makes you so sure I haven’t written? Do you know all and see all?

    I was not aware that you were Queen Shit Of All Things Adoption, is that in the entire Universe, or just in Missouri?

    Again either get “poor Carolyn” over here to answer for herself or get off my blog.

  10. I did find one reference to Ms. Pooler (other than those found on this page) through Google.
    It’s an old guestbook for the Willows Maternity Sanitarium

    I love BS’s references to the online crowd not doing legislative work or testifying at hearings. Cut me a break. Bastard Nation huge and has changed law. BN members do a great deal of their work online. This online crowd of reformers can and does reach 1000’s of adoptees and legislators quickly and effectively. Nowadays, in order to really get things done, this IS the real world.

    BS, what’s the matter? Can’t you come clean with what really happened?

  11. Because she might not be so friendly, for one thing. It was a faulty bill. I do not know more or less than most people online. Only I know Carolyn Pooler and I know she would never do anything that wasn’t to benefit adoptee rights. I was actually concerned because talk after the last couple of legislative sessions had been towards compromises, but instead Carolyn has stood strong. If you actually read the email from Connie Johnson you would know she had said that others were causing her aide problems. Carolyn had nothing to do with that I’m sure. She doesn’t operate in a petty fashion as do some. The only thing Carolyn did was express concern over the bill as written:

    (Email from Connie Johnson to me, and others on her list):
    Let me first begin by saying that I am very offended by some of the dialogue that has taken place regarding this bill and my intentions. Before session began, I expressed to you and all who have inquired, the importance of presenting a unified front. I expressed how critical it was that we all be on the same page to try to move this issue forward.

    When you and Ms. Lewis met with me, I told you that Legislative Research recommended we use language from Oregon , Maine and New Hampshire , as those states have successfully passed legislation addressing this issue. You seemed to be aware of the language, and in fact gave me language from one of the states I am addressing.

    After the bill was drafted, I provided language to you and got no response. Now it seems that you and others are prepared to launch a full scale attack against the legislation when my only intent was to help the cause. I truly believed that language in this bill was a compromise that would be accepted by Catholic Charities and other opponents of open records.

    The bill is far from perfect. No bill is ever 100% perfect. Part of the legislative process is filing and later amending bills, which I was willing to do in the committee process. Further, we have been in dialogue with Senator Rita Days, who was working to file a bill in the Senate. However, if it is your contention to go against the bill instead of taking the initiative to get you closer to your goal—that is truly your choice.

    I have corresponded with people all over the country who were born in Missouri . People want to at least get the issue recognized so that ALL people who have been impacted will one day have the information they seek.

    This bill, as I mentioned to you in the meeting was one of several steps that need to be taken in order to fully address this open records issue. Your remarks appear as if you want to sabotage progress that has been made and a willingness to work with pro-choice legislators who are very much opposed to the opening of records. What you decide is a personal decision, but rest assured that my intentions were only to make the situation better.

    Also, there have been some of you who have been involved in this legislation from the beginning who have accused Samantha Kempf, my Legislative Intern, who has been assigned to this project, of not making sure that information, comments and suggestions, were forwarded to me for consideration. I assure you, that each comment was received by me. Besides, I believe it is in poor taste when you and your colleagues launch attacks against my intern. After all, she is learning.

    I had planned to take all the information received into consideration and work with our Legislative Researcher to prepare amendments to be added to the bill in committee and even on the house floor.

    In light of your e-mail and response, the conference call that I had previously scheduled for today has been cancelled. It appears that there is no need to discuss this matter any further. By the end of business today, the bill will be withdrawn from this legislative session of the Missouri House of Representatives.

    Best wish to you in your future endeavors.

    Representative Connie L. Johnson

    Minority Whip

    Room 135, Capitol Building

    Jefferson City, MO 65101


    573-522-9494 (fax)

    From: []
    Sent: Tuesday, February 12, 2008 10:51 AM
    To: Connie Johnson
    Subject: concerned

    Hello Connie

    I am very concerned about HB 1998. I left your office thinking you really wanted input, then when we gave it, it seems you totally ignored it. I have always felt its much easier to ‘take wording out’ than add it.

    AS it is worded I will NOT support it.

    Carolyn Pooler

  12. BS,,
    (just love that name BTW)

    That’s old news. Everybody has already seen the email.

    Again why did you people assume to speak for me? And what did she say to so offend Representative Johnson?

  13. BTW, Sam Graves is going to be in town tomorrow, maybe I’ll ask him what poor Carolyn might have said to so offend a legislator.

    Yeah, and before you pounce, I know he’s federal. But he did spend a few years in the Missouri senate. Maybe he’ll have some insight.

  14. That is what she said. Why can’t you get that? She laid it all out to quelch all the crap getting slung at her from deformers like you:

    Hello Connie

    I am very concerned about HB 1998. I left your office thinking you really wanted input, then when we gave it, it seems you totally ignored it. I have always felt its much easier to ‘take wording out’ than add it.

    AS it is worded I will NOT support it.


  15. You have absolutely no idea what went on.

    It’s obvious.

    You haven’t posted one single thing everybody didn’t already know.

    You are the one who not only out of your own little loop, but completely full of shit.

  16. Ms Pooler may very well have gotten into it with Rep. Johnson over the contact veto clause. As I wrote, BN and I certainly oppose that, too. But it is very seldom that a constituent pisses off a leggie like Ms. Pooler has done. That doesn’t help any of us keep support. Moreover, rumors were all over the ‘net about this action with no explanation from Ms. Pooler. That’s not just dumb, it alienating. to the movement. I simple explanation is in order.

  17. I guess the words “AS it is worded I will NOT support it” is enough to tick off legislators nowadays. THAT is what was said. Unfortunately, we seem to be in a “who’s on first, what’s on second?” situation now. Why is everyone slamming Carolyn, when she was not the only person mentioned in the Rep’s email? What forces have decide to proclaim her the responsible party, when according to Johnson, it was more than anything Carolyn said? Why hasn’t the focus been on the fact that this particular rep was compromising with Catholic Charities? You can all cook your own goose, if you want it done differently then get offline and do it yourself. Find yourself a rep that isn’t working with the opposition and conflicted about the issue and get a bill introduced.

  18. My real problem is with Melanie and her decision to post a blog full of hearsay and venom when she doesn’t even know what is truly going on in MO. If she did she would have heard of Carolyn. The fact that Carolyn hasn’t come forward to “defend herself” is not evidence of anything other than the fact that she is busy with offline concerns. Including planning legislation and consulting with others to get things done in MO.

  19. Ok, Addie, I’ve had it with your derisive comments to my BIOLOGICAL neice.

    I can put this up on my blog for you if you can’t figure it out. I’ll do it anomalously, of course. You understand that will make you look like you don’t want to discuss these things out in the open, right?

    You have no business posing as a concerned person for this very vital cause and wasting people’s precious time and energy with your half baked knowledge of the ramifications of the bill that was killed–and for a good reason. I ask you, are you being paid start needless trouble and agitation by the Catholic church? You are insulting, you can’t spell, don’t know–apparently–how to spell passed the 2nd syllable words. Am I to trust your expertise and intelligence in reading an translating this bill? I think not. Where were you when the bill was in the process of being killed? Why didn’t you know? Oh, I know, you were too busy stirring up slanderous and viciousness on the internet. I absolutely demand that you LEAVE MY LOVED ONE OUT OF YOUR cathartic emotional vomit. You are not a consitutional lawyer. Your stupidity is very much obviated by your comment about the deficit of a childs’ inalienable rights to know their genetic make up. That is the most stupid thing I’ve ever heard. Let’s suppose that a child find’s their parent or parents and the parent refuses to give up medical information. Whether the parent gives them this information willingly, there are ways to find out how past family members have died, thereby giving some medical information to the child. Thinking that is a gold mine is ludicrous. And, so are you. I leave you with this thought. Nothing makes me more angry, vengeful, and just plain bat shit crazy than a low life bitter person like you, taking their own self loathing and anger on people I share a genetic tie with, or those who are innocently drug into your drama. STOP, AND STOP NOW. You can have your opinion, but do not insult BS ever again. Are you clear on this?

  20. PS
    NO ONE SPOKE FOR YOU, you did not speak for yourself, the result was the default action when the opposing party didn’t stand up be be counted….duh, ‘if i only had a brain’. And, really, if the opportunity knocks, and because I’m not necessarily materially involved in your crapola, or this wonderful cause to open the records, I can slam you anytime I want. You need to publically apologize to BS for making her part of your unwarranted anger sublimation. Got it?

  21. ahh darn, now you’ve done it! You’ve made me angry. I just keep thinking about how you claim to be a victim of Johnson’s and anyone who agrees with her. That translates into, you, who does not take responsibility for her actions and thoughts. You are constantly a victim, aren’t you? Hasn’t the world just crapped all over you? Abandoned at birth, you never felt quite right with yourself–much less self empowered, or validitated, or whole, or at peace, huh? Yep. People feel this way, even if they aren’t adopted. I’ve felt this way in my life, many times. I had a pity party, almost like you are having now–only using the adoptee cause as a beard to hide behind. The difference is that I didn’t pick a forum where my cathartic wales could be spewed upon, and proceed to puke them out on innocent people. I didn’t harm or attempt to waylay a political cause to prove that once again, bad prevails. You are harming people with your incessant whining. Can’t you contain yourself? If you can’t, then are you in counseling so that one day in your miserable life you can control your own emotions and not attempt to control other’s, instead? Did you notice that in the midst of altruistic efforts by many to right a societal wrong, that you have put yourself smack in the middle (by way of your rants) of it screaming, ‘me, me, me’? I sure noticed it….wish you’d stop.

  22. What in the hell are you going on about? There are plenty of people who who want to know what happened. It’s a simple courtesy to tell them. I suspect I may agree with Carolyn’s reasons for objecting to the bill and a lot of others might agree, too. It is not enough to say that the bill is not acceptable “as written.” Many deformer organizations would have no trouble supporting the bill as written. Look at NJ, for instance. People want clarification, that’s all. At least I do. Bill lobbyists MUST be transparent, upfront, and honest with those for whom they supposedly represent.

    As for Addie, she is a well-respected activist adoptee who simply is asking questions like lots of other people. Since you are not adopted, and are not part of the movement it appears, then you have no idea who she is or who anybody else is. You accuse Addie and the rest of us of hiding something (God knows what) but you don’t even have the balls to use a real name. What do you have to hide?

  23. awakeinmissouri,

    This is not a question about the wording of the bill, the intent of the bill, or any of the things you are going on about.

    I am asking why a friendly legislator has been alienated.

    It doesn’t take a constitutional lawyer to figure that out. Read the original post, slowly.

    The fact that I may disagree with almost everyone who has posted here, even in my defense, on an issue in this particular bill is not the point. The fact is, I might be convinced to support the bill, even if I don’t necessarily support any particular point. I would certainly not be anything but transparent with anyone who might read here, and would never seek to alienate someone for disagreeing with me. I welcome discussion and feel it can only be helpful in the process.

    It seems clear that many working on this bill do not wish to be inclusive. They would instead work in secret, seek to represent themselves as speaking for those they would not consult and silence those voices that would bring other viewpoints. The fact that they would go as far as alienating a friendly legislator speaks volumes.

    I have nothing to hide. I’m not the one avoiding the question here.

  24. errr, your ad hominem attacks are so convincing B.S. in MO or whatever you call yourself.

    The work of the obscurantist and demagogue, obviating your ovine brayings being a part of impactful discourse.


    hahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahaahahahashahahahhahahahhahah 🙂

  25. P.S. and this part is actually important, if your neice the sacred and darling child can’t handle a little internet heat, she has no place in politics and should sit home crying into her tea-towel if nobody understands her and she is out and about throwing tantrums, because that is what it looks like from here.

  26. I am more than happy to meet any of you, especially you AddyPrey, in person to prove to you that I am not BS. duh, you all are just as stupid as most bleeding hearts are. You are so blinded by your own emotion so that you become ineffective lobbyists really fast. BS found me over a year ago. The POINT HERE IS THAT IF ONE STOPS SUBLIMATING ANGER One CAN BE PRODUCTIVE. To be honest with you, what I truley care about is BS, not any of the rest of you-beyond the point of common human decency. If I were adopted, and wanted to find my biological parents, laws would not stop me. My successful search would be a matter of civil disobedience–as it was with BS–we do share DNA. I would advise all of you to do the same. Break the law, make a scene–the squeaky wheel gets the grease. Get on the news. That is how the suffragists got the vote, that is how Vietnam was ended. You all might try leading your cause like a business effort–a united front, instead of using AddiePrey’s fine example of victimization and crying a river. That insulting pity party alienates everyone. Addy, go lick your wounds and leave the insults out. Realize this, you were born with a set of conditions in your life to LEARN FROM, not CRY OVER. Learn your lessons. I’m not trying to be calloused, it is your strife and the strife of which you were born with to over come. DON’T GET NASTY WITH BS. DON’T INSULT HER, ADDYPREY. SHE’S YOUNGER THAN YOU. THAT MAKES YOU A BULLY. Don’t put her down so you can feel big. THAT IS THE POINT OF MY RESPONSE. YOU ALL GET A GRIP AND LEAVE HER ALONE. Now, all of you that really only want to come on here and sublimate your anger, do it elsewhere. I’m not going to read any more of these posts, I don’t care–unless I hear you insult my niece again. Then I’m back with amazing force, and you just may see me in person. Shut the F up and do what you are supposed to do without tearing each other up in the process…got it ADDYPREY. BTW did you get the pun…Pray/Prey??

  27. awake,

    Have you even read anything here? I think if you do you’ll find I’m not a big whiner.

    BS came here of her own accord. If she can’t take the heat and has to have her aunt babble in her defense “with amazing force” what am I supposed to do about it? I’ll do whatever I want on my own blog, thanks.

    Oh yeah, great pun there, did you think of that yourself? My, but you’re clever.

    BTW, paragraphs can be your friend. They will make your posts look much less like they were typed by a cranked up gibbon.

  28. thanks for the LOLz, yes, looks a bit like meth-speak.

    What is she even ON about, she makes no sense, I like how she pointed out her cleverness, and here I thought she was so up front about how clever she thought she was.

    And oh dear, she says I am not a Joy, oh her wicked tongue, her rapier wit, I faint.

    I am okay, have recovered now.

    Too bad she





    Was that slow enough for BS in MO?

    Also BS’s age is irrelevant.

  29. You know, i’ve been respectful until this point. Once “awakeinmissouri” decided to say “you all” thats when I’m pretty much done playing nice.

    Do you think Marley sits online and crys about her issues? Yeah, Bastardette doesn’t do shit for adoptee rights? lmao. Do you think ANY of us here haven’t searched? WTH you think this is about searching? and reunion? This is about my civil rights, i’ve been in reunion for the last 6 years.

    I don’t sit online and bitch, I’m working on the largest adoptee rights protest in our nations history!!!! I put every single day into that for the last 6+ months.

    I was interviewed for an article in our counties paper TODAY.

    I’m going to be on TV for a local show NEXT MONTH.

    In all of the above I’ve been advertising my fight for my birth certificate and the protest. Which, isn’t about reunion, its about my civil right.

    Not only that, but I have a segment for The Adoption Show called Angrates Action Alerts to bring people up to date on all of the adoptee rights legislative issues across the country….WHICH IS WHY I WANT TO KNOW WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON IN MO.

    I’m not crying a river, I’m swimming out of the shit creek I’ve been in since my rights got forgotten and my state decided I wasn’t a party in my own adoption.

    Excuse me for trying to figure out whats going on in MO, forgive me for trying to send you more help, more resources, sorry for trying to understand whats going on in the group of MO activists. Who the hell was I to think that I could potentially advertise the group and get them some support, and learn who’s who in it, so that potentially when I’m 1/2 way across the country speaking with the legislators at the protest I’m working on for adoptees AND OUR RIGHTS, that MAYBE i would have an inner connection…. to make a move for adoptees and access to our records.

    I guess when I see Ms. Johnson I’ll just step aside and move onto the next rep. cause I don’t even know what the hell happened, and you know what, I don’t think awakeinmissouri does either, and quite frankly I don’t want to know now.

    If MOCARE sees this and wants help in their group to pass unconditional access bills, I’d still be more than happy to extend what help I can. If you’re a part of that group extend the invitation to all to help clue me in on if they’re an open records unconditional access group or not. Thats all I’ve been trying to figure out, and I’m done trying. As far as I’m concerned I’m done. If you want help, you know where to ask. If not, then good luck.

  30. Well congratulations BS, awake, Carolyn, who ever you are, you’ve just throughly pissed off the most active and effective adoptee rights activist in the country. You are on a roll.

    First a friendly legislator, now Gershom, what’s next for you?

    I suggest you go to Disneyland.

  31. What are you yabbering about now awakeinmissouri? Searching is NOT an act of civil disobedience. I’d like to see a moritorium on searching. Let people put the energy they currently expend on their personal issues and put it into the political. Adoption secrecy is only a small part of the bigger issue of state control and ownership of the individual. Smash the state and take back you life.

  32. Smash the state and take back you life.

    YES!! I couldn’t have said it better myself. Addie, I am not even close to the most active and effective adoptee rights activist…. i wish.

    You just made my day though 🙂

    Thank you for the edits, I’ve got the hang of it now.

  33. OK, OK, Gershom.

    How about “an effective organizer willing to challenge conventional methods, that looks sure to move things forward like never before.”?

    We all work on the shoulders of giants. Recognizing that fact is key to success. Those that don’t will surely fall.

    Wise people add to their knowledge everyday. Just look at Gershom, she learned how to leave a comment yesterday. A small thing for sure, but being willing to admit not knowing everything, is a huge thing.

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