Carolyn Pooler Come Out And Play..

I’m still waiting here.  See this post The Missouri Compromise.  So far absolutely no explanation. And I’m not the only one who wants one.

Amy wants to know.

Gershom wants to know.

And Marley really wants to know.

Oh and these folks are curious too Nullius Filius.

Along with a lot of other people.

Exactly who do you claim to represent? Are they all Missouri adoptees? Were they all on board when you refused to support Representative Connie Johnson’s bill?

Oh and is it MO CARE that you represent, like you signed your letters with, or is it more like mocoare? Because through a typo I did find that group, with 5 whole people in it. Which is it?

Or are you speaking for the American Adoption Congress? Or Adoption and Triad Support Network? Or The Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks? I can’t tell. And you don’t seem to have any friends that are forthcoming.

C’mon set me straight here. Educate me. And everybody else.

BTW, I see you’re having a meeting Thursday evening. Would you be more comfortable explaining this to me in person? I promise to listen very slowly.
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14 thoughts on “Carolyn Pooler Come Out And Play..

  1. I am someone who HAS TESTIFIED. I did not wait “for the word.” I FOUND IT and acted. I am someone who works on legislator’s campaigns to make bedfellows of them for future efforts. I am someone who writes real letters to legislators that they cannot ignore. I’ve been a member of BN and I have attended many adoption support groups. I have also worked as a search angel. I don’t care how many hits your blog has gotten… until you can show me something you have done that has actually made waves OFFLINE that contributes to our cause, I consider you insignificant. The only thing you are doing is damaging the cause, and poor Carolyn’s reputation. Grow up.

    melanie recoy wrote:

    Well since I have such a little blog, you won’t mind me moving it over there to answers this will you? I can move it to these blogs too. They are asking the same questions..

    Amy wants to know.

    Gershom wants to know.

    And Marley really wants to know.

    Oh and these folks are curious too Nullius Filius.

    I can’t speak for the others, but I’ve only got a few hundred hits today, being a holiday and all. I don’t think things will really let loose until tomorrow. More than 60,000 folks have read my little blog.

    Or I suppose you can reply to me here, Adoption Threads there are over a thousand members there. I’m an admin, so I can get you approved real quick.

    Or we can do this here AAAFC, admin and founder there, again I’ll see that you can get on immediately.

    Or if you want to know a bit more about me, listen to my episode of The Adoption Show. Addie and Joy, April 8, 2007.

    As you can see, I’ve been a bit busy. But I did do a lot of letter writing and have volunteered to testify. I was just waiting on the word.

    So, who were you again?

  2. You know I have written to the Missouri Legislators a time or two. I am an ACTIVE member of Bastard Nation. I am also on BN’s legislative committee. I have never heard of you. Neither has Marley, Janet and a few others. Just who the hell are you again. If I could have met with legislators, I would have but I am in Texas. I do however have spoken with mine. I know Addie pretty well. I know that she has spoken with legislators and more.

    You still haven’t answered the question. What exactly ticked off Rep Johnson that she would pull a bill? Answer that one and we shall call it quits.

  3. What part of:
    “Dear all: Thank you for your support of HB 1998. Due to the inability of some stakeholders to achieve a compromise, I am withdrawing the bill from this legislative session.” and “Now it seems that you and others are prepared to launch a full scale attack against the legislation when my only intent was to help the cause. I truly believed that language in this bill was a compromise that would be accepted by Catholic Charities and other opponents of open records…
    “Also, there have been some of you who have been involved in this legislation from the beginning who have accused Samantha Kempf, my Legislative Intern, who has been assigned to this project, of not making sure that information, comments and suggestions, were forwarded to me for consideration. I assure you, that each comment was received by me. Besides, I believe it is in poor taste when you and your colleagues launch attacks against my intern. After all, she is learning”
    Do you NOT UNDERSTAND? She said herself why she pulled the bill. This bill was not an effort by AAC it was an effort by a MO group that wants open records and OBC access for all. Not a compromise with Catholic Charities. As for the “others” mentioned that launched attacks against Rep Johnson’s intern, they were not affiliated with those in this group. Let’s all keep arguing an bickering while any worthwhile efforts this year go down the tubes, shall we?

  4. Amy, Since when does BN care about ticking off legislators? IF they aren’t truly supportive of clean bills? All of BN’s problems seem to center around Carolyn’s affiliation with AAC and their reputation for supporting bad legislation. At least Marley’s does. So now we have BN and AAC members at eachother’s throats ready to beat each other’s efforts to death like rival gangs. If anyone thinks Carolyn’s legislative efforts were tied to the AAC they must have missed this:

    grass roots mtg for OBC bill in 08
    Reply to:
    Date: 2008-01-21, 10:02PM CST

    Please join us 1/24/08 6-7pm. 100 W Broadway, Columbia MO. Great support group for adoption triad. Supporters from KC MO will be here to discuss OBC bill being filed this yr.

    Call me for more info, as I will be traveling. 816-506-4313 Carolyn Pooler

    * Location: Daniel Boone Regional Library
    * it’s ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

    PostingID: 547239887

    My only question is why Melanie Recoy has such a vested interest in hurting Carolyn’s rep. Could she be one of those “others” that scared off the intern? I guess I have one more. The whole premise of Melanie’s slanderous campaign has been that Carolyn proposed to represent the whole of the adoption community including Miss Recoy. Where in any of this do you see that is the case? Where does Carolyn proclaim to speak for anyone other than herself and her group?

  5. I think the problem here is that some people are feeling left out and used. The adoptees who DO write for their records to be opened are only called on for that time. They’re not considered for voices, they’re not respected for doing what they have and they’re not being heard when its time to make decisions. People who say they’re speaking FOR them, aren’t even talking WITH them.
    Thats why clearly theres a ton of confusion, because THEY the people who have been writing their legislation, don’t even know whats happening with the bills, nobody is informing them or keeping them up to date.
    The only way Addie could get an answer it seems is to call everyone out on her blog. Maybe a centralized organization of some kind could assist with the unity in working towards the effort together for the state of Missouri.
    Its not about who has done more, or who has done less, its about working with everyone you have right now.

  6. Carolyn if that is you,

    We want to know why Rep Johnson would pull a bill. She claimed it was dialog between you and her. We want to know why you were upset with the bill.

    By the way, no one even knew who you were let alone that you were associated with AAC. BN hasn’t even really gotten in the fray yet. That seems to be you alone.

    What made you tick off a legislator so badly that she pulled the bill? Explain that to us since no one else obviously knows what the hell is going on. You still haven’t said what upset you so much about these bills.

  7. BS,

    You don’t have a clue what went on, do you?

    Everybody already knows about everything you’ve posted.

    Either get somebody over here that does know what went on or come clean.

  8. Gershom that is my point. Everyone is getting there feathers ruffled due to Melanie’s blog here. When in fact, Carolyn has, with limited resources, tried to centralize some efforts in MO. Carolyn is someone who has actually worked with adoptees for years (and listened to them) and who is trying- from a GRASSROOTS effort to get something done on capital hill. She has never presumed to do anything different. IF Melanie Recoy doesn’t like the way things are done, why doesn’t she do them herself?

  9. No she isn’t causing the ruffling of feathers. It is the lack of information that you are NOT putting out that is the issue. You got into a discussion and ended up offending a legislator. Whatever was so bad that you alienated a legislator. I consider that wrong.

  10. I don’t doubt that Ms. Pooler has done alot of work. I have a friend who goes to her weekly support group and says nothing but good things about her. It doesn’t strike me as odd in the least that shes doing things in a grassroots effort. I understand that its hard to centralize efforts and how time consuming limited resources can be on someone trying to fight for adoptee rights.

    Communication is SO IMPORTANT, thats how we lose the warriors who are fighting the fight along side with us. Look, its happening here on this blog as I type.

    I’m no expert, I haven’t been doing this for 10 years, but I do hold adoptee rights activist on my heart like a badge. And if I feel like I’m working with a team, for the same thing, I want to be kept involved, I want to know exactly whats going on, not feel used at the control of someone else and their priorities.

    I have no clue what happened, I’m in califonria, I’m not even on the east coast, let alone a part of MO Care. I only know what I’ve read. I do know that I try and keep people from every state involved in the protest. That if someone is fighting for adoptee rights, I befriend them and try to help them get involved and stay involved as much as possible. I know that I try to include everyone on the protest by giving them updates as soon as they come in so that they can know exactly whats going on behind the scenes of something they’ve contributed their hearts and lives into.

    A little communication goes a long long way.

    I certainly don’t want a war between adoptees, the very people we need to be working with. And I also support the fact that it sounds like Ms. Pooler pulled the bill because it had a veto in it. I don’t support vetos either, they stink. There is also, another bill in house, so like it really matters that one got pulled ( why were there 3 in there anyways?!?!)

    I just want to know what happened. Was there a disagreement between Ms. Pooler and Ms. Johnson( i believe that was her name)? Was this about wording in the bill? Was this an ego trip? The reason I’m so curious, is because I do alot of advocating for people everywhere to get involved in their state group. If the groups aren’t organized, or aren’t considering the adoptees, I need to know that, because If I send someone to that group I feel responsible for what the group represents. Sort of like endorsing something, I’m not going to endorse it, if the adoptees in the group aren’t feeling heard, aren’t being spoken to or included.

    Ms. Recoy is the moderator of a large adoptee forum. The amount of Missouri legislative support via letters she can get from her forum alone is encouraging and yet, when questioning the reasons behind the pulling of the bill, Ms. Recoy has been met with silence. How can we ever manage to accomplish opening records in our own personal states let alone across the country if we can’t even communicate between ourselves?

    I’m feeling really bummed out.

  11. It’s’ news to me that BN and the AAC are at each other’s throats (no more than usual, at least). As I’ve written at least 3 times, I suspect that BN and I support what we suspect are Carolyn’s objections to the bill;we just want a clarification of what those objections are. I can’t speak for anybody else, but that’s all I want.

    I truly wish that BN could piss off leggies so bad that they’d pull a bad bill, I don’t think that’s ever happened, at least because of us, though we have contributed to some bad bill pulling. Maybe Carolyn could give us some pointers.

    For the record, Carolyn is no longer an AAC rep and I made that correction in my blog.

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