Second Chances

I wouldn’t say the theme of this blog is dissatisfaction, but I have to admit it does come into play in many of my posts. It’s occurred to me that this is a bit selfish. Adoption isn’t just about me. There are more people involved, adoptive parents just don’t get enough chances with dissatisfaction here. I apologize, and it’s time for me to change my ways.

I’ve done a lot of writing about the act of adoption itself concerning adoptive parents, but paid less attention to their feelings after the fact. I should take their feelings into consideration. I realize that raising adoptees is no day in the park. Adoptive parents are entitled to their own frustrations, and yes, dissatisfaction. With that acknowledged, I do feel that I need to press on in the spirit of answers and resolution, as is only fair.

A website was brought to my attention that may offer hope to both adoptees and their adoptive parents in finding the satisfaction that we both deserve. It offer a novel approach, one that some may say is radical, the solution it offers may disturb some, but I think it could be viable in some cases. Please explore it with an open mind.

I wish solutions like this had been available when I was a child. The world was a smaller place then and the social climate wasn’t ready for such bold solutions. I have no doubt that if this ere an option it’s something that my own adoptive parents would be willing to explore. Everyone deserves a second chance, even adoptive parents.

I think you’ll find the site both informative and easy to use. I can’t imagine this won’t be the next big thing.


7 thoughts on “Second Chances

  1. “For every family we break up, there is another family we make.”


    This website spoofs ASPs to a T.

    Thanks for informing us of its existence.

  2. “Child Trader Child Exchange Network isn’t about not loving childing. Its about finding a family that can love them more. ”

    “There are many reasons why parents may elect to participate in a child trade:

    * – Child is unmanageable or too manageable,
    * – Child is too sick or so well that rearing does not pose sufficient obstacle,
    * – Child is of the wrong gender,
    * – Too many children of one gender, with none of the other,
    * – Child is too old or too young,
    * – Child is too proficient or deficient at a particular sport or musical instrument,
    * – Just don’t like the kid you have.”

    I’d trade my brother for Olivia 🙂

  3. I always used to read article Second Chances | According To Addie in news papers but now as I am a user of net therefore from now I am using net for content, thanks to web.

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