I Know A Secret

Well, I don’t know the secret, but this dumb bitch seems to…

Actually she doesn’t. She’s now claiming that the whole thing was bullshit, a fable in her words. I have to agree that it was shit.

Carry on.

Leathery Bag Outs Trans-racial Adoptee

Irony. Loads of irony here. In order to prove a point, texassadlerfan has outed a trans-racial adoptee.

Questions are already being asked all over adoption related message boards as to who this mysterious adoptee could be. Since it’s not clear that this person even knows that they were adopted, and certain (if texasadlerfan is to be believed) is of African American heritage, I suppose that we’re no the only ones wondering.

“The young driver does not know any parents, other than those who raised him so lovingly, and he has no idea of the situation of his birth. His family thought it best to allow him to function in a selective, exclusive, more open world that may not be so accepting of him if his social delineations were known…”

But according to texasadlerfan, it’s not a big deal….

Of course it doesn’t matter, and there really is no need to make an issue of the truth, I suppose. One might wonder, sometimes, as do the adoptive parents of the NASCAR driver, what people would really think if they knew the handsome young quarterback and father of the child who became their own so many years ago, was Black.

I beg to differ, the truth is a big deal. Whoever this driver is has been lied to all of his life. And the truth is going to come out now, in a very public way. That’s not good. The circumstances of one’s birth should only be for public consumption if the person concerned wants it that way. These things should not be brought into general release by a busybody wannabe sports reporter.

Texasadlerfan, with her little preachy, gossipy post has brought up both late discovery and trans-racial adoption issues. These are two of the most painful and complicated issues that an adoptee can deal with. Just imagine not knowing that you were adopted or anything of your own heritage, and that these facts were used with such disregard, in such a frivolous way by this woman.

Make no mistake, these kind of issues can cause feelings of anger and betrayal in adoptees and tear families apart, as all that relationships were based on are lies. Yes, this driver’s parents are to blame for not being honest with their son, but this woman had absolutely no place speaking of this publicly. Adoptees who have learned about their orgins later in life express great frustration at the fact that everyone else knew the circumstances of their birth and no one told them. They feel betrayed by everyone.

The truth is important.

I can only hope that when this person discovers the truth they find the help they will need to make sense of it. It is not an easy thing.

Shame on you texasaderfan, you have no idea what you’ve done.


7 thoughts on “I Know A Secret

  1. I don’t even know where to begin with that mess. It reads like some kind of NCFA propaganda piece at the beginning, and then to throw out such personal, seemingly private information at the end…it was weird.

    What does the man’s heritage and history have to do with NASCAR? Nothing. She’s trying to drive up her blog hits, if you ask me, plain and simple.

    You’re right, Addie. Shame on her.

  2. I am wondering if she is maybe the grandparent of the driver. He should have been told the secret long before all of this.

  3. She’s now claiming the story was “fable” and suggested I look up the definition.

    I thoughtfully pointed out what she had wrote was actually a parable. And suggested she should give up writing.

    I wonder if she might be a first mother. She seemed to have the foggy details of the story.

  4. What a strange woman, a professional journalist? Surely not. More like a hobby writer for a blog.

    Addie why are you picking on first mothers? I don’t have foggy details of my daughter’s beginnings.

  5. kim,

    I’m not picking on you. I was just wondering why she came up with THAT story. I thought she might be foggy (as in like adoption fog) on her own experience. When I say someone is fogged it’s not an insult, more of a comment on a possible (probably unhealthy) state of mind, you know a denial thing. It’s a strange thing for someone not involved in adoption to come up with. As Coco said it smacks of NCFA propaganda.

    Looking at it again it does sound more like maybe her hairdresser’s sister’s cousin may have adopted though.

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