In Pace Requiescat

Would I like a glass of wine?

Sure, I’ll give it a try.  What have you got?

A red?   Reds aren’t usually my thing, but since you say it’s a rare vintage, pour me a glass.

Interesting color, I thought it would be darker, more like port.  There’s just a hint of green. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that before.  Is it old?  Has it been your cellar for years?

Aged in hemlock, you say.  I don’t think I’ve ever heard of that.  Interesting.  I suppose that would account for the color.

I smell blackberries and chocolate, and something else.  It’s not quite smoky, It’s more like ashes.  And something metallic, the smell of copper.

OK, I’ll take a sip.

Oh, I think this has gone off.

You’ve opened the bottle before?  You just can’t do that.

Vintages like this must be taken care of very carefully, kept from the light in the very back of the cellar.  You should never disturb something like this.  Once it is brought into the light, touches the air, you must drink it all then.  It can’t be recorked and brought out over and over.

I suggest that you throw it out and give the bottle a decent burial.  It will do you no good to drink it.


7 thoughts on “In Pace Requiescat

  1. Mei-Ling,

    I was just screwing around with something that occurred to me. I occasionally subject my blog readers to this kind of crap. I don’t have much real direction.

    I had originally thought to title it “An Eddie Poe Complex”. then decided that was just way too silly.

  2. Eddie Poe complex!

    That is so not silly, that is serious, I hear this is common among adoptees, where is the smilie kicking his feet laughing?

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