Adoption Rocks!

I don’t get this at all. .

Some dork wearing an Adoption Rocks! t-shirt.


Adoption Rocks?  What are adoption rocks?  Are people adopting rocks now?  Are they like Pet Rocks?

I remember Pet Rocks.  Now that was a great piece of marketing.  Imagine convincing everyone that they should pay $3.95 for a rock.  Everybody just had to have one, because everybody else had one.  You wouldn’t want to feel left out.  If they would have come up with Pet Rocks today even Madonna would have one, hell she’d be out on the Pet Rock World Tour right now.

Wait a minute, this couldn’t be about adoption could it?  No way.

There’s no way someone is financing their adoption adoption selling these t-shirts.  Can’t they get a HELOC or something?  What are their plans for the future?  Are they going to start selling “Community College Rocks!” t-shirts when tuition time rolls around in a few years?  That’s just wrong.

If they are serious about this they do realize that saying anything “Rocks” at this point is passe, or at the very least the height of irony, right?  Because adoption does not rock.  In fact, I suspect that international adoption is very fast becoming passe.  Let’s face it, it came out yesterday that we are in a recession.  Displays of excess like giant SUVs, Birkin Kelly bags, and toting an ethnically diverse adoptee, are out.  Green, useful and frugal are in.  You’ll get over in a much bigger way in your hybrid, toting a kid recycled from our very own foster care system.  You can easily still get them in a variety of colors and sizes.  

Besides isn’t having to sell t-shirts in order to pay for your international adoption a bit like wearing a Rolex Daytona with a Members Only jacket?


17 thoughts on “Adoption Rocks!

  1. I guess its a good thing we are all entitled to our own opinions…your foolishness just happens to not be worthy of a response.

    But hey…thanks for the free advertising on the t-shirts, my friend should be grateful.

  2. Adoption doesn’t rock for mothers who grieve for the child that they don’t see anymore. I’m not going to speak for adoptees.

    Foolishness? Yes Addie, stop being so negative about adoption it’s foolish.

  3. Adoption does not “rock” and anyone who says so is foolish. Wow, that first commenter was a bit rude and stupid.

    Pet rocks though do rock because they’re rocks.

  4. I love you Addie!

    What a goonball!

    Adoption rocks, it used to be the new way to say, “I wish you Peace”

    Now that has been broken.

    Too bad, so sad.

  5. I like the way the shirt shows off his non-existent muscles. What a tool.

    Wait that was mean wasn’t it?


    Everyone is right about me.

    Oh well, truth hurts.

    That guy was obviously a t-o-o-l before he ever put the shirt on.
    His response does not surprise me.

  6. I fully admire your spunk, Addie. It is delightful.

    I once saw a picture of an obese guy wearing a t-shirt that said, “I Beat Bulimia”. Now *there’s* a hilarious and clever t-shirt.

    But, “Adoption Rocks”? As opposed to not being adopted? Who would wear such a t-shirt? An adoptive parent looking for a medal, or pat on the back? An adoptee who feels the need to scream at the world “I am so happy to have been adopted, so there”? Sartre?

    Adoption is in some cases a good thing and in some cases a bad thing and the complexities are infinite. But a preferable situation? I think that’s a sideways sentiment which renders itself nonsensical. Adoption just is – good, bad or neutral. I guess it does rock in a way; it rocked my world. But maybe not in the way that I might have liked.

    • You are an ignorant idiot. Adoption is a beautiful thing whether domestic or international. If you don’t like the t-shirt, don’t buy it, but stay out of things you clearly are too stupid to understand.

      • I apologize for that comment. Totally out of character for me. I was quick to judge before knowing anything about your background. I know A LOT of people that have been extremely blessed through adoption and I got defensive. Both adoptees and adoptive parents, as well as birth mothers. Again, I apologize. I would have deleted the comment but wasn’t able to.

  7. Ignorance is what this blog is. I would proudly wear a t-shirt that read, “Adoption Rocks”. I am an adoptive mother, and would wear the shirt to proudly promote adoption. It IS a good thing, and anyone who chooses to argue differently is ignorant. I came across this because I was googling “ADOPTION ROCKS” t-shirts. I want my son to be proud of the fact that he is adopted…it’s not a shameful thing.

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