I’ve Been Around, Just Not Around Here

If anyone has been wondering, yes I’m still alive, and still adopted.  

I’ve been busy, alright.  Things to do, people to see.

I wanted to update on a few things that I have been neglecting.  First My favorite Ungrateful Little Bastard would kill me if I didn’t plug the demonstration (have you noticed there’s a demon in every demonstration?).

Go here…

Everything you need to know about the Adoptee Rights Demonstration

Sign up. Donate. Attend. Let your adoptee flag fly.


Second, there’s an  in Mother Jones about corruption in international adoption, called “meet The Parents”.  It’s is written by this dude, Steve Carney, who seems to know his shit.  It should be available online soon and it promises to get even more interesting from there.  


Third, as I said before I’m still adopted.  Not everyone seems to understand this, I’m on Holt Internationals mailing list.  They seem to think that I still want to go to adoption camp.  I’m thinking of taking them up on it, as an adoptee.  They didn’t have that kind of thing when I was a kid.  I wonder if they have a pony rides?


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