Some days…..

..I don’t feel adopted at all.

I do have a life.  All of my days aren’t spent in front of the computer fulfilling the role of adoptee angst referee.  For instance, right now I have over 300 heirloom tomato seedlings on my sunporch just waiting for the soil to warm enough to be planted.  Mortgage Lifter, Pantano Romanesco, Pineapple, Principe Borghese, Cour Di Bue, etc.

I haven’t figured out what I’m going to do with 300 tomato plants.  I have enough room in my garden for maybe 100 of them.  I may have to set up with a sign at my town’s only stop light and sell them.  Let’s see, if I can get a dollar a piece for them that makes how many Bloody Marys?  I’ve always figured my garage sale profits in Margaritas, so I’m using Bloody Marys in this situation.

Oh course my gardening may not be as enjoyable as I had anticipated, my neighbor has obtained a pack of foxhouds.  Baying, cat chasing, foxhounds.  My neighbor seems to as unaware of leash laws as his dogs are the subtle differences between a cat and a fox.  The scene in my yard over the last week has consisted of hearing a disturbance, seeing the cat run by, followed by the pack of fox hounds, followed by every other stray dog in the county. This display followed by my husband, whatever he may be up to,  doing a fairly good impression of The Old Man in A Christmas Story.  “Damn Bumpes’ dogs!”  It begs a yakkity sax soundtrack.

Efforts to contain the dogs are underway.  In an ideal scenario they would decide it would be much more fun to chase my neat freak neighbor around (you know the one who powerwashes his roof and vacuums his yard) but I’m doubting this pack of hounds is trainable.  Pity.

And then there’s the whole pepper situation…..but that’s another post.


17 thoughts on “Some days…..

  1. I totally get this post.

    You know…you could sell your extra seedlings as a fundraiser for the protest…200 plants at 5 bucks a pop is a nice chunk of change.

    I’d buy one or two.

  2. For real, we paid $5 a plant for heirloom tomatoes last year at a fundraiser. I sent my hubby and he bought two. The proceeds went to New Orleans hurricane victims.
    You could totally do this.

  3. I couldn’t get $5 for a tomato plant if I had the only ones in town. Our garden club sells them for $1. Heck, regular varieties are 69 cents at the nurseries.

    Kippa, don’t feel bad, the tomato legacy isn’t all that it seems. Wilt and rust run in the family.

  4. Thank you for those comforting words, Addie.
    I shall have to rest content with the family turnip which has been passed down through generations from the time of Llywelyn ap Gruffydd, whose head it may actually have been (though this has yet to be verified).

    Anyway, I hope you’re feeling better.

  5. Everything is more expensive in the Bay Area, I guess. Either that or we’re all a bunch of suckers. 😉

    Heirloom tomato plants are a hot commodity out here.

  6. Looks like a good organization, Issy. I can see they are doing a lot of good.

    A lot of the heirloom varieties grown around the country were preserved where I come from. So they aren’t as big a deal. The Moon and Stars watermelon was “discovered” about 30 miles from where I live.

  7. I am trying to remember what the big battle with the Skanks was about all those months or was it years ago? Isn’t it wonderful that one can forget and truly be scratching one’s head to remember? Addie if you don’t know what i am talking about all the better my dear.

    Here’s to letting go of resentments big and little.

  8. The ones I am best at letting go of are the ones I don’t know anything about….

    It is my belief we are all doing the best we can and that’s the story I’m going to stick to for now.

  9. Addie,

    I run the heirloom tomato organization mentioned above. please send me an email or give me a call. The number is on my website.


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