To Learn Grace.. a hard thing.  Some folks will never get the hang of it.

To me grace is something like respect, but in a personal condition,it has to come from not just action, but approach.  It has to come from the way that you think about things, and see the world.  

To learn grace you must realize in all but the most intimate places, you are a guest.  It’s not about deferring to your host, but being just as you are while still respecting that others may not share your outlook.

To learn grace you must never taunt.  Taunting is always clumsy, always disjointed, always a demonstration of gracelessness.  One cannot display grace by pointing out a perceived lack of grace.

To learn grace you must educate yourself.  If you don’t know who or what you are addressing, you are sure to trip.  You must not think that you can lead what you don’t understand.

To learn grace you must know not to be high handed.  The graceful do not see themselves as above others.  Offers of guidance are made from wanting to help, not wanting to dominate.  

To learn grace you must not assume.  Accept that the rather course explanation of the word assume that you were undoubtedly subjected to at some point in your life does have wisdom.  To assume is to make an ass out of you and me.

And finally to learn grace, you must listen.  You must listen to both your supporters and detractors.  When you cut through the praise and censure, there will be something that you can take away.

I don’t claim grace.  But I know it when I see it.


11 thoughts on “To Learn Grace..

  1. You have taunted and those are the best post I have ever read, they are quite hilarious and well deserved. Please don’t stop those!

    You are totally gracious Addie. Really you are. You are among the very few that I can say that about.

    Your voice is often a combination of gentle and powerful.

    I’m glad you are still here.

  2. Grace is granted to the undeserving, that is why it is called grace.

    I know what/who you are thinking of, I think they need to concentrate on the more vulgar aspects of personality first.

  3. Well I don’t think anyone can claim grace. But I do witness your “Seemingly effortless beauty or charm …” So I see grace in you.

    It’s an interesting goal, to learn grace. I thought it was something one received, or maybe gave. Thinking about it I would love to learn grace. It’s very private and personal though.

  4. “Some folks will never get the hang of it.”
    That would be me :- (

    But I too know it when I see it. Some consolation there.
    In that respect I suppose it’s rather like great art, which, paradoxically, is not ‘artful’. It’s the real McCoy.

  5. Hi Addie, like what you are saying about this. I wonder, do you still believe this? I’ve added a link to a blog I just wrote at hope to see you there or online chris

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