This Is Weird

Did I ever tell you about the time I met Billy Mays?

Yep.  I met Billy Mays.

Several years ago hubby and I attended a grocery trade show in Lincoln, NE.  It was just the trill ride it sounds like.  Every other industry in the world has trade shows in places like New York, or even Las Vegas, where there is a damn thing to do.  But the grocery industry seems to favor places like Lincoln or Tulsa.  While I suppose it does make doing things like buying chewing gum and detergent seem more interesting by contrast, it’s not something that you look forward to all year.

This trade show went like all the others, everybody wanting to offer me a deal on their fantastic new products that were about to set the consumer world on fire.  People mainly just mill around at these things and wait for the prize drawings.  Nobody at all would show up at these things if there were not prize drawings.

As we wandered through we did notice that there were a lot of people gathering around one booth.  As we got closer we could see that people were acting excited about whatever was going on.  Turns out that Billy Mays was there, live and in person.  Grocers are a simple people who tend to not get out much.

We exchanged a giggle about folks getting so worked up and moved on to the Tide booth.

Later that day as we were walking toward the exit, tired from a full day taking advantage of specials deals, Billy Mays, the man himself, walked up to us.

“Hi, I’m Billy Mays”

“Yes, you are.”, I say.

“I’d like to talk to you about OxiClean.” He conveniently had a container of OxyClean with him.

“OK”  Whatever.

then he launches into the full spiel, the one you saw about 10 million times on TV.  For just my husband and I.  I’m not kidding.

He did not stop.

We finally went over to his booth and ordered some damn OxyClean just to get him to leave us alone.  He also wouldn’t let us leave without an autographed picture.  I had him make it out to my dad, it still hangs up here at the store.  It reads, “Keep it clean, Dad”  signed Billy.

All I’ve got to say is that Billy Mays did work for what he got. Can you imagine running down individual folks at a trade show to sell a few lousy cases of your product?

Yeah, now I’m wondering who is going to be next too.

Oh and watch this, it’s funny…

Billy Mays orders McDonald’s drive thru


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