Alternatives To Violence

Being an adoptee can make you want to throttle everyone you meet sometimes, but you just can’t do that. Read more about it here….

Melanie’s bitchy post at Grown In My Heart

To anyone that might take offense, I was talking about someone else.  Really.  I was.



4 thoughts on “Alternatives To Violence

  1. Very nice.
    It was so good I read parts of it out loud.

    I think I might print it out and give it to the next person who tell me my mother is not my real mother.

  2. Wow Addie, you are an amazing writer, I always thought that but I am so in awe of your skills. It’s so great to read this and you write with a beautiful voice that makes people listen without feeling hurt or insulted. You are an amazing spokeswoman. I am really in awe of your skills. Even the way you described all the reactions from the different types of people, even if they are like that they will feel like it is about someone else yet at the same time learn from it and be more aware about adoption.
    It’s so clear you don’t wish to hurt anyone Addie, that’s really a gift you have. I admire you for that.

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