A Long Weekend

Damn, I had a long weekend.

First, my garden is trying to kick my ass.  Indeterminate, yeah right, every single fucking one of those tomatoes is going to be ready at once.  To make things even better, my canner is crap.  I’m going to have to get another one, or spend about 3 days straight in the kitchen processing tomatoes.  Suck.

My summer squash are taking over the world.  Yeah they are great, I grew the little lemon variety this year, but I’m getting so much competition from everybody else’s zucchini, I can’t give the things away.  Why do people grow zucchini anyway.  Everybody hates zucchini, everybody hates zucchini bread.  Everybody.

My car broke down in the store parking lot.  Luckily my a-sister offered me a ride home.  Guess what?  She had no idea where I live.  This is a town of 2000 people, folks.  Apparently everybody doesn’t know everything about everybody else.  I know where she lives.  I’ve never been invited into her house, but I do know where it’s at.  Did I mentioned I’ve lived in my house for 2 years?  That it was on the home tours?  That I got yard of the week this spring?  Sheesh.

Yep, we are a close family.


7 thoughts on “A Long Weekend

  1. I’m sure its wrong that I’m sitting here wishing my sister didn’t know where I lived. Oh and btw I like grilled zucchini…but i’m strange so I probably don’t count

  2. First, I need some gardening tips from you. I think we used the wrong soil because all my plants are just sickly. 😦

    Second what is up with your asis?

    Third I heart zucchini bread.
    I planted zucchini and they blossom but nothing grows. I am the anti-gardener.

  3. Doesn’t know where you live and you live in the same town? Yard of the week? I’m not sure which one I should comment on first.

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