I’m Important To Them

They keep telling me I’m important to them.  Over and Over.  I don’t believe them.

They keep telling me about all the wonderful things they want to do for me.  All I have to do is ask.  I don’t think they mean it.

They say it’s almost time, that I will get what I want soon.  It has been a long time and it still hasn’t happened.

They say there are many places I can get what I want. I can’t get to any of those places.

If I ever get through to someone, I wish I could bring up my concerns.  I want to tell them that I don’t feel like I’m really important to them.  I want to tell them that I feel like they are keeping me at arms length.  I want to express that it feels like once they got what they wanted from me, I wasn’t important anyomre.

I wonder why they think that I might be interested in deepening our relationship by letting them do other things for me.  They obviously aren’t fulfilling my needs with our relationship at it current level.  I might be hurt more if we move forward now.

I want to know why they haven’t been responsive to my needs.  I’m crying out for help and they are ignoring me.  I feel like they need to listen to my concerns and address them.  I am alone, I can speak, but no one will hear me.

Why won’t they let me into the places I need to go?  Why are they hiding their cyber life from me? Are there others they don’t want me to know about?  Why can’t I have access to thier website?  I allow them to dictate my every move when we talk.

I’m hurt, alone and scared.  My ability to function has been compromised by something they have sent me, something that was supposed to make things better.  But here I sit, alone, and silent,  on hold.

On hold with customer service.


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