Photos Of Adoption

This is for the Grown In My Heart Blog Carnival.  If you’d like to share just head right there and they’ll hook you up.

Me, I’d love to share.  But I don’t have much.  Being adopted and all.  Here’s a pic of my mom as a child…

That’s her standing in the middle.

Here’s a photo of me at about the same age…


That’s all I got.



10 thoughts on “Photos Of Adoption

  1. I wish people who have photos galore of their families could see this. Maybe it would help them understand how wrong adoption secrecy is.

    Thanks for sharing these. They’re beautiful.

  2. I’ve missed you Addie, the post makes me remember, I can still remember staring at the one photo I had. And this song. By mustard plug.

    The new blogs up, link me sista

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