National Adoption Month

Yep, it’s that time of year again.  Right after Halloween, and before the holidays get cranked up.  How I love it.

BTW, about Halloween, a good half of my trick-or-treaters were taller than me, and I’m not a short woman.  What is up with that?

So kids, what should we do for Adoption Month?  Any ideas?  I see Bethany Christian Services has already won the Demons of Adoption award, that’s a start.  How about we all get together and TP them?

I’m taking any suggestions.


6 thoughts on “National Adoption Month

  1. Everything is about the growth hormones with you Rox. LOL

    Mara, that’s the spirit.

    I think since we are perpetual children, we should do something extremely juvenile.

  2. OMG Addie tell me about it, I had a trick or treater with a beard. Also a lot of 17 year old girls dressed up like hookers.

    Isn’t anyone getting high and banging their boyfriends on Halloween anymore? What is wrong with kids these days?

    National Addie Day is also in November on the 17th. Start decorating your house now.

  3. I’m all for the tping. I can bring eggs and shaving cream too, just to make it worth the effort.

    I do know how I will be celebrating the end of this month – On Nov. 28th, I will celebrate the one year anniversary of adopting my son back after almost two decades of living with the terrible loss adoption put on all our lives.

    Ha! We too had a lot of those rather tall trick-or-treaters at our door.

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