Wolves, Lakes, Fear, and Boobs

Overheard, “Lakes are like boobs, if you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all.”  This prompted by a print of wolves by lake.  A print that will be given away.  A print that my husband is in danger of winning, even though he didn’t agree with the commenter’s observation about boobs.

Just another reason to live in fear.  What would I do with a print of five wolves (my husband counted them) by a lake?  I can’t put it in a garage sale, somebody that knows we won it would see it.  I can’t re-gift it.  My family has decided to not give gifts for Christmas this year, and I wouldn’t give that thing to anybody I actually liked.  I can only hope that I don’t win this thing.

I just can’t figure out if I should wish for luck, in the sense I’ll be lucky not to win this thing, or start buying lottery tickets because I feel a lucky streak coming on.

I know that fear of bad art is a small fear, but it’s an annoying one.

In other news, it’s still National Adoption Month.  And I have an essay out in the new book PIECES OF ME;  WHO DO I WANT TO BE?.  Check it out.



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