Adoption Insurance

No longer available…

Makes one wonder why.  Well, not really.  Though I do wonder who’s bright idea this was in the first place.

I don’t think you can insure against the actions of a specific person.  Unless they are an employee.  But then I suppose you’d have to form a corporation in order to adopt.

Oh hell, that’s next.  Forming corporations in order to adopt.  Sounds all warm and fuzzy and rainbow farty, doesn’t it.  Adopted by a corporation.

I’m still searching to see if extended child warranties are still available.


12 thoughts on “Adoption Insurance

  1. I’d think the insurance industry would consider adoptees a bad risk when it came to warranty coverage. One never knows if they’ll turn out ungrateful.

  2. I think I just vomited a bit in my throat. So reminds me of the Quad A attorney at the Donaldson/Ethica conference years ago. I am sure she would have recommended this insurance. Cuz like, you know, birthmothers are unpredictable in the products they produce. They lie about the baby daddys, their own drug use, and then they change their minds and want to keep their children. Really. how dare they!

    • Suz, I remember her–she talked about approaching mothers with either a “carrot”, or a “stick” to get the “best outcomes” for the adopting parents. You know, because she was all ethical and stuff.

  3. But it’s not about the money. it’s about providing a home for a needy orphan. In the best interests of the child, always.
    La la la, la, la damn, I spilled my kool-aide.

  4. I’m surprised they don’t have lemon laws, like with cars. Or sales… buy one adoptee, get one free!

    How about the reverse? Do adoptees and mothers who surrender get a warranty on the adoptive family? Oh wait, sorry, forgot, all adoptive families are perfect. Jimm, can you pass the kool-aide?

  5. Oh it’s worse than that Triona, there are sites that set up pre-birth matches from “adoption facilitators” that give estimated costs saying things like “child may be very dark” or “believed to be half Caucasian” with children priced accordingly.

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