I’ve been Around, Just Not Around Here…

I just finished up an interview with Bert Ballard, editor of Pieces Of Me; Who Do I Want To Be?, the mucho fabulous book that I have an essay in.  Buy early, and often, it’s just perfect for everyone on your holiday list.  Seriously, it is a good book, not all happy-dappy, like you’d expect.  Go get one.  It should be showing up on Grown In My Heart any time now.  I’ll let you know when it’s up, and share my thoughts here a bit later, maybe.

I’ve got a post going up there about National Snake Oil Adoption Month too.  Look for it on the 26th.

Oh yeah and they have a Carnival thingie on the 28th, me and all the gals will be sharing what we are grateful for.  this promises to be diverse, I’m sure.  Please feel free to participate too.  We need to represent as adult adoptees.

Other than that, making cassoulet for Thanksgiving, because it’s so traditional.

I’m worn out.  I’ll get something more substantial up soon.

Here’s a funny LOL cat….


2 thoughts on “I’ve been Around, Just Not Around Here…

  1. Busy busy!! I’ll be participating in the next carnival…been trying to figure out how to phrase things all week..lol. Sometimes it feels like I think about blogging more than I actually blog…! 😀

    Love the LOL cat!


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