Free Haitian Orphan With Every Order

Update 2/2/10

It’s been brought to my attention that the link I gave for Safe Families Haiti does not match the text I quoted.  That’s because the site I pulled that text from has been taken down.  But luckily it’s available in cache..

The site they don’t want you to see.

I’d like to thank my commenter Jill for pointing it out to me.

If you read through the enteries you’ll find all kinds of interesting craziness.

Gee, I wonder why they took that down?

In my place somewhere in the middle of the adoption world, I get to explore many different perspectives on every issue.  Things bubble up, points are made, and very little ever seems to change. This has intensified in the last few days, just this morning I found these on my Twitter feed.

First an organization called Safe Families Haiti, whose mission is stated as…

Safe Families is a network of Christian families that extend a safety net to children by providing at-risk families a sanctuary where they can place their children in a time of crisis. As a voluntary, non-coercive alternative to the state child welfare system, SFFC temporarily relieves parents from the responsibility of caring for their child and provides them time to address life issues without the fear of losing custody. Children are cared for by volunteer host families that are screened, trained, and serve to demonstrate Christ’s transforming love.

..seems to be looking for anyone who wants to take a Haitian child.  Here’s their website..

Sounds OK, right?  A bit churchy, but non-coercive, and temporary.  Just what may be needed while families of Haitian children get their lives back in order after a terrible disaster.


Their next message reads like this….

Because of the response of families who desire to adopt children, we no longer need families who are interested in temporary housing. We are looking to place all children we receive with families who are considering adoption.

So I guess it’s just to hell with the temporary stuff, and you get to keep the kid.

All kinds of problems there.

But as I said, I’m in the middle, so I got this on my Twitter feed too.

Whites Make Pact With God, Expedite Haitian Adoptions

Reading that, if not really changing anything about the situation, made me feel better.  I’m not just imagining this becoming some kind of free-for-all for ravenously entitled PAPs.

And you know what the really bad thing is? The above blog is about folks who were already involved in the process of adopting from Haiti.

Just think of the kids who weren’t matched, who won’t have any paperwork, who might have families that will come looking for them, and find nothing.

What is wrong with people? Folks can’t just help a kid out?  They have to get to keep them?  That’s hardly selfless, or well thought out.


5 thoughts on “Free Haitian Orphan With Every Order

  1. You know, I didn’t get that part either….I can see that any families interested hosting would need to have probably the same background checks/home study type things done as PAPs. But if the placements are temporary, it shouldn’t matter if the family is open to a permenant adoptive placement or not. Unless the intention is that currently the placements would be temporary, but the possibility of it becoming permenant is so likely it would make it easier (less disruptive to the child). Whether or not that possibility is done legitimately or not is the question… (among many others)

  2. After having been ‘touched’ by adoption for over 40 years, and an activist for many now, I keep thinking that I will not be affected by the excesses…but it just doesn’t happen.

    I am sickened by this, the American idea that everyone in the world wants to be US when they grow up and that anyone who gets to come here, no matter what, will in the end be better off for it. I begin to see how the rest of the world sees us, and there are times when I am proud to be an American, but there are also many times when I hang my head in shame. And, when we feel we are entitled, by any means necessary, to rape a nation, in the name of compassionate care, of their future by stealing their children, it is one of those shame-filled times.

    All I can think of when I see that there is a disaster in the world, the carrion birds will be gathering to pick off the choice bits that are left.

  3. I’m truly upset that the first thought for these kids is NOT to preserve their connections to their birth country, but rather to put them through even more stressful situations by placing them into homes where people don’t look like them and people don’t speak like them. Once again, the issue here is about American white privilege.

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