Things That Need Reform….

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Things that need reform, as simply as possible….

Birth Certificate Access

C’mon people, this is obvious.  The sky has not fallen where access by adult adoptees to their original birth certificate has been granted.  It’s simple, and it’s the right thing to do.  Which leads to….

Uniform regulations on all adoptions

Honestly, it’s like the wild west out there. It doesn’t matter if we are talking about adult adoptee issues, foster care adoption, agency adoption, private adoption, international adoption, anything adoption related.  When the first thing you have to ask someone is “Where are you at?” there is something very wrong. We are talking about human beings here.  Can we come to some general guidelines please?

Yeah I know, I’m dreaming. So what?  You asked me.

Doing just these two things would do more to make adoption more ethical and humane than anything else.  Honesty, equal rights for all involved, and a standard set of rules.  Simple and beautiful.

There are many specific things that need to be changed in adoption, but most could be cleared up if these two things were in effect.  If it’s about the children, and I have to think the adults these children become, give us our rights and a standard way to access them.  Not only would this make things better for those already adopted, it would make things better for future adoptees, and those who relinquish, or adopt.  From every perspective in what is good for adoptees is good for everyone.


10 thoughts on “Things That Need Reform….

  1. Were you at the Senate hearing Tuesday in Jeff City for the testimony on Senator Days’ SB 594? The bill is flawed, but offers some slight relief on OBCs. The only testimony in opposition was from Catholic Charities and Lutheran Family Services – both who profit from adoptions, and also from charging for search information. They only opposed the part of the bill which would let the Missouri Registrar charge for locating birth parents; obviously, they hate to give that fee income up…

  2. What’s good for the adoptee . . . a fundamental question that should have probably been addressed before the child was turned into an adoptee.

  3. Every child relinquished for adoption needs court-ordered representation.

    Just as children who are abused and taken away from their natural parents, they are given CASA to represent them! Just like alleged criminals, they are given a public attorney paid for by the taxpayers. Why are children relinquished for adoption not given ANY LEGAL REPRESENTATION?

    We must push for this. This is a FEDERAL ISSUE. I say this a lot and I’ll say it again: THERE IS NO “EXCEPT FOR ADOPTEES” CLAUSE IN THE UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION!!!!

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