It’s National ADOPTION Month, Stupid.

It’s National ADOPTION Month, not National ADOPTEE Month.  If it were National ADOPTEE Month things would be way different.

If it were National Adoptee Month..

There wouldn’t be any of those sickening adoption fairs where they parade those poor kids around like a bunch puppies.

There would be access to original birth certificates for all adoptees.

There wouldn’t be people prattling on about showing their love for Jesus  by adopting children.

There would be a mission to acknowledge the loss this causes for the adoptee.

There would be no mass adoption finalizations gaveled in courtrooms packed with “new families” all over the county.

There would be a waiving of fees for adoptee access to court records concerning their adoption.

There wouldn’t  awareness campaigns touting how adoption can make an adult’s life complete.

There would be an awareness campaign bringing the fact that many adoptees need answers to make their lives complete.

There would be no propaganda about saving a child’s life.

There would be access to medical records that really could save an adoptee’s life.

But most of all, it would be about the ADOPTEE, not ADOPTION.





6 thoughts on “It’s National ADOPTION Month, Stupid.

  1. Fantastic post! So very true… echoing what Susie said… so much for adoption being about those adopted, HA! No such thing. Maybe they should change it to its rightful title which is something along the lines of: “National Adoptive parents month: a month to celebrate the loss and separation of children from their rightful families so we can have what we want.” Then at least we might be geting somewhere with honesty!

  2. And there would be no “Pass Along Cards” for adopters to hand out proclaiming how glorious your child’s life will be if you give them up to Mr. and Mrs. Rainbow F. Arters.

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