Being Generous with Character Flaws

Everybody says they never want to say anything bad about a family member. They say that, but I’m not sure it’s always true. I’m working on a novel written by an author who has based all of his characters on real family members. It’s reading flatter and every bit as boring as the the Kansas turnpike. He knows this, but still doesn’t want to attribute bad qualities to people he loves.

Yesterday evening we discussed solutions to the problem. I suggested he redraw his characters to make them less recognizable, and that’s what he probably end up doing. But in the discussion, he came up with an interesting suggestion. He had thought about asking the family members what less than flattering attribute they would like to display, dishonesty, greed, tendency to infidelity, etc.  I’m pretty sure this wouldn’t help the author out much in the end, he would still end up pissing everyone he wrote about off, but it would be fascinating to see what flaws folks might pick out for themselves.

Being allowed to pick out your own flaws, as your story is written, is a very generous concept. Controlling how we are perceived isn’t something we are ever allowed in real life. The most basic things about us come with preconceived notions about our flaws. Woman, adoptee, birth parent, adoptive parent, all have their own set of flaws, according to your perspective. It’s natural that we try to use our good points to neutralize the perception that we don’t like. I wonder if this makes us come off flat, set up to be given another set of attributes that are no more accurate than the others.

If you were asked to come up with a fictional character flaw, what would you choose?

I’m think I might like vanity. LOL.


8 thoughts on “Being Generous with Character Flaws

  1. I would like to try on vanity, narcissism & infidelity, so I can truly be just like my amum, like she always wanted.

  2. hmmm, I feel like I am totally generous with my character flaws already, I share them with so many people. How can I pick a favorite? Oh my most happy one is my issues with authority and being a fuck-off, that gets me in trouble.

    My most tender one is being over-protective, that gets me in trouble in a different way. What’s up with the chocolate? xoxoxoxoxo

  3. Hmmm….a FICTIONAL character flaw I would give myself would be apathy. But that’s sort of boring. Im a highly flawed chick, it’s way more fun. My worst factual character flaw is my love of the words “cunty” and “fetus”. I try to use each in a sentence at least once a day. I get extra points if I use both words in the same sentence. Oh, that, and the fact that I am super judge-y. Yup. I judge more than Judy. But I think the fact that I admit I am judge-y cancels out the flaw, because everyone is judge-y, they just don’t admit it. Wow…that kind of makes me sound like a narcissist. Or just really cunty.

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