Of Twitter and Squirrels

I’m having more fun watching my tweets than I should.  I’ve somehow picked up some followers that I decided to follow, mainly because they seem to have some kind of association with adoption.

My fave right now seems to be a christian music groupie.  Her tweets pining for the objects of her affection just slay me.  She counts the miles they are away from her and sends them blessings.  Yesterday she was soliciting for someone to buy her a ticket to Finland just to be nearer her favorite.  It’s all kind of amusing and sad in a 13 year-old wet panties way.  she has a picture that looks like a very sweet little girl.  somehow you just know she’s really a pig in Walmart stretch pants.

I have another known as “borninmyheart” yeah, borninmyheart) who seems to have jumped on to everyone who has ever mentioned adoption in a tweet.  I’m not exactly sure what they are up to yet, but so far they seem to like the word distasteful.  I wonder if she has seen my blog?  

Other than that it’s pretty much liberal versus conservative politics nad every kind of adoption information and angst.  

Not much else going on in Addie’s wolrld.  Just doing the Spring thing, trying to get the garden in around torrential rain storms, working, and trying to get some plans firmed up for the summer.  

My cat is currently engaged in what looks to be a never ending war with a squirrel.  She seems to think that the squirrel is trying to set up a settlement in a tree that is ancestrally hers.  So far there has been a lot of tail swishing and chattering, but no engagement.  The Vegas bookmakers have the squirrel at 5-3 odds.  I’m putting my money on the cat.