Lions and Tigers and Baptists, Oh My!

Seems I’m not the only one who has been bothered by Baptist bent on burglering babies.  Haiti is having it’s own problems with that plague.  For those who have been under a rock, a bunch of Baptists on a mission decided they could just load up some kids off the street and whisk them away to a better life.  God knows if they were allowed to stay with their parents they might take up dancing.

While the dunkers don’t seem too good at this whole child trafficking thing, I wonder about what’s happening with folks who a little better at it.  The disciples of John seem to think that Jesus will provide some type of spiritual-diplomatic immunity, others know better.  They are craftier, sneakier, smarter.  Child snatching isn’t just something they do with their vacation time, it’s their profession.

Make no mistake, they are in Haiti.  They are looking, taking, profiting.

Right now everybody seems to be focused on the folks that got caught.  Maybe we should think about the others that are surely still out there.

In happier places, the weather relented a bit this weekend and I was able to go outside without risking my exposed skin freezing in a matter of minutes.  That was something.

National Adoption Month

Yep, it’s that time of year again.  Right after Halloween, and before the holidays get cranked up.  How I love it.

BTW, about Halloween, a good half of my trick-or-treaters were taller than me, and I’m not a short woman.  What is up with that?

So kids, what should we do for Adoption Month?  Any ideas?  I see Bethany Christian Services has already won the Demons of Adoption award, that’s a start.  How about we all get together and TP them?

I’m taking any suggestions.