Boat Drinks and Bastards

Boat drinks.

Waitress, I need two more boat drinks.

Because we are building boats.

Like a lot of projects, this one started on a cold winter when anything seems possible in the coming Spring.  My husband ran across plans for simple boats on the internet, possibly after having a boat drink.  I have to admit it did sound fun to build our own boats and take them down the nearby river.  I’d probably had a couple of boat drinks.

Other than a one hour Mississippi River cruises on a paddle boat and an unfortunately dark lagoon cruise in Cancun, we’ve never really been on any other boats.  We’ve never taken a float trip or a cruise.

The sum of our knowledge amounts to the fact that both of our dads owned boats.  My dad’s boat looked like this, but with more sparkles….

Hubby’s family was always much more reserved, his dad’s boat was pretty much like this too, with less sparkles.  This isn’t the greatest knowledge base. Going down river boats are not like bass boats.  We are not about to let that stop us.

Hubby has gather wood, fiberglass tape, and assorted construction materials. I have gathered a fresh coconut, pineapple juice, and have checked rum supplies.  I think we are ready to get started.