For those who wonder…

Melanie Recoy was taken into the witness protection program at the age of two weeks after giving key testimony in the RICO trial of a prominent organized crime leader. Adopted by a mid-western couple unaware of her background, she has evaded those seeking to collect on the million dollar contract on her life. She blogs as Addie Pray at According To Addie.


12 thoughts on “For those who wonder…

  1. hi i was just wondering how to find an adoptive parent for my baby,can someone tell me,i raelly need to get her adopted,do i have to visit the social secutrity council or just place an advert to find one.thanks

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  3. I don’t understand why you wrote what you did above. I was doing some research on Foster Care – I am of the opinion that a lot of kids get fucked over in Foster Care (for lack of better words). I wanted to make sure that I had the definition of “ward of the state” correct, and I came across your web page.
    I was amazed at your ability to write. I was under the impression that you were somewhere between the ages of 18 and 21, but not really sure do to you being so highly literate. I clicked the link “For Those Who Wonder” to try to learn more about you.
    So what is the deal? Obviously a 2 week old is not in the witness protection program for key testimony… did you leave out a couple words? Perhaps your parents gave the “key testimony” and that is how you ended up in the program.
    Please explain. Is what you wrote (above) just a joke, a metaphor? I wondered about you, and I tried to find out more about you, and I ended up with only more questions. What is this site supposed to be? Is this the experience of one person, or of many? I’m confused.

  4. do you have trouble reading facial cues as well, bud? i know that we should value earnestness, but i just fucking can’t. great blog.

  5. Dear Mel,

    I want you to read my wife’s book, and I can’t find your contatct info. So sorry for placing this on a “comment”, but maybe you can read it and then delete it.

    My wife’s very fantastic memoir, “Songs of My Families, the 37 Year Odyssey from Korea to America and Back,” has been published by Lantern Books (NY). If you could mention the book on your website, we would appreciate it very much. A review would be fantastic! Amazon lets you read several chapters of the book if you want, or you can go to the publisher’s website to check it out.

    Here’s the Lantern Books website for the book:
    Here’s the Korean Broadcastion System (KBS) website for the documentary about Kelly:
    Here are her apearances on The Story, with Dick Gordon (NPR):
    The Amazon website:

    Kelly will be featured in our Minneapolis newspaper on New Years day, and the book will be reviewed by Korean Quarterly, a Minnesota Korean paper.

    Hope you are interested!
    Brad (co-author of the memoir)

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