Down To Business

Now that I’m over the stress of the move, let’s move on.

I’m still trying to figure out how much of the shit I go through is about adoption, and how much isn’t.  I’m not sure there is any way to tell.

It is said that we are all much more complicated than we seem to others.  I do believe that, but why does it seem that everybody’s more adjusted than me?  By this I don’t mean the brave everything’s alrght face that everybody puts on, I mean, how is they can say what they are with such authority.  They say..

I’m the mother of three, that’s what I am.


I’m an artist, that’s what I am.


I’m a IT person, that’s what I am.



How are they so convinced that’s what they are?

I have no idea what I really am.

Just how do you come to this decision?  I’m too many things.  I’d need a book.

Am I overcomplicating things?


2 thoughts on “Down To Business

  1. I believe we should define ourselves less with labels (I’m a teacher, I’m female, I’m 37, etc), and more with WHO we are. I’m a person who is free to walk this earth, and breathe this air, no more or less deserving than anyone else. I’m a person who is free to choose my own path, on my own terms; it’s my life and no one can live it better than I can. Just some thoughts.

  2. Profound question. Most answers are lies or at best convenient disguises. Brings me back to my old motto, a line I got from the Incredible String Band, “Whatever you think, it’s more than that.”

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