Non-adoption related rant.

Exactly how stupid can people be?

I am constantly fucking amazed at the level of just plain dumbness one person can posses.  I run a grocery store, we ran out of grapes yesterday.  I told my checkers that we were out of grapes yesterday.  I told one of my checkers we were out of grapes AGAIN not an hour ago.  She just called on the PA system and asked me to bring a bag of grapes to the front.

I had to walk all the way to the front to tell this moron that we were still out of grapes.

Does she think I’m running a vineyard in the backroom of the store?

Does she think that I have a red phone under a cake dish on my desk connected to the California Grape Growers Association for these kinds of emergencies?

Does she think I have a spotlight back here that shines the Grape Signal to the California Grape Growers Association?

Is she under the belief that I’m just like Batman, but with grapes?

Does she think that I’m living a double life as both a grocer and some type of grape procuring super hero?

I wonder who my sidekick is suppose to be?  The potato chip delivery guy?

Is she convinced that I have a tricked out 1965 Bonneville hidden  the  store called the Grapemobile?  Is it green, red, or black?  Possibly a combination of these colors?  Is it seedless?

Oh, fuck me.


4 thoughts on “Non-adoption related rant.

  1. Ohmygosh. I got to the Grapemobile part – and asking if it is seedless – and lost it. This is a riot.

    Unfortunately, she probably could belong to Mensa compared to some of the stuff I hear and read about!

    Too funny. Thank you!

  2. hey isn’t there a joke about a duck and grapes and a mechanic nailing his webbed feet to the ground if he asked for grapes one more time?

    And then the duck says, “Got any nails?”

    And the mechanic says “no”

    So the duck says, “Got any grapes?”

    I can’t remember.

    Hey I know the California Grape Growers pretty dang well.

  3. Yes, Elizabeth, you really can’t fix that. But I keep trying

    Thanks Paula.

    Haven’t heard that one, Joy. Try to keep it on the QT about the grape growers, I have a secret identity to protect, you know.

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