I’ve Got Some Catching Up To Do

But first I want to thank Joy and Michelle.   Both are unique and wonderful.

Joy, thank you for just being you.  The way you express yourself and are so open to the things that you are feeling has shown me how to get to those things in myself.  That is a gift, and your generosity with that gift has helped me and so many others, that there is no way to thank you enough.  Thank you for taking me along on our adventure to The Adoption Show, it came at a time that I needed something fun, different, and worthwhile.  It was all of those things.  It meant a lot to me.

But most of all, thank you Joy, for being my friend.  Thank you for sharing experiences with me, similar and dis-similar.  Thank you for helping me balance this tightrope between comedy and tragedy that we walk.  Thank you for gently putting me back in place when I need it.  Again, just thank you for being you.

Michelle, thank you for all the hours of hard work you put into your show.  Thank you for giving those that might not find an outlet for their stories anywhere else, a place to reach others.   Thank you for putting up with all the bullshit that comes with telling truths that are hard for some to hear.  Thank you for thinking that Joy and I have something to add to these stories, it is a honor to be included.

Thank you Michelle, for making it fun and easy.   Thank you for being the funny, warm woman that you are.  Thank you for telling me your story and your genuine interest in everybody else’s story.  Thank you for being someone I am so happy to consider an ally and friend.

Thanks to everybody else who had good things to say about the show.  Thank you Kim, Amy, Margie, for mentioning us on your blogs.  Thank you to all the readers and commenters.  You all make my day, everyday.

Now about this Thinking Blog Award.  

Joy Statuesque, thank you again, and thank you.  It does mean a lot to me to be recognized by fellow bloggers that I love to read, and I consider both of you light years beyond me.  I was going to do something silly and a bit snarky with this, but you caught me in one of my rare mellow moods.

Since everybody that I love already seems to have had this honor, I’m going to do something different.  I’m going to ask my readers to surf around and read five blogs that they haven’t read before.  There’s a lot of good stuff out there, and new bloggers coming online all the time, especially in the area of adoption.   If you see something you like, link them up, tell somebody else about them, leave a nice comment.  Make somebody’s day.

Alright, that was the last nicey-nice post you are going to get for a while.  There are a lot of things pissing me off.  I’ll be back.


7 thoughts on “I’ve Got Some Catching Up To Do

  1. Gosh, by reading this post, you certainly don’t SOUND like an “angry, mean adoptee.” 😉

    I have not yet had the chance to link to the adoption show segment from the other day…am I still able to?


  2. Oh Addie,

    You mean so much to me too,

    thank you I have more than parentheses for you get the whole top row witht the shift key!



    I think that was my favorite




    mmmm Ampersands, delicious




    I know I am a goofball, but thanks I needed some loving on tonight.+++++++++++++++============================


  3. Hey, Addie

    Thanks for your amazing comments re me and the show. It was fantastic interviewing you and Joy. Thanks for sharing your story, too. It’s truly fabulous how when we all come together like this that we all just “understand” one another – there’s no need to justify the feelings – just share them. You make this possible.

    I was thinking the other day that in my twenties I used to go bar-hopping….well, now (some 20+ years later) I go blog-hopping!

    Holla, Godzilla!


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